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Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q4 2018 Fundamentals


The mid-tier gold miners’ stocks have been rallying on balance in recent months, carving a solid young upleg.  They’ve mostly finished reporting their latest fourth-quarter results, revealing how they are faring fundamentally.  Their operating and financial performance is very important for investors, as the mid-tier... Read more »

Exclusive CEO Interview: Max Sali, Defense Metals


Defense Metals (TSV-V: DEFN) / (OTCQB: DFMTF) is a great name. The Company is defending against Chinese dominance of Rare Earth Elements (“REEs“), and Defense Departments require select REEs to defend their countries! Several REEs are very difficult or impossible to replace in critical... Read more »

Gold: Central Bank Sentiment is Rock Solid


1. The latest U.S. central bank announcement was a win-win for gold. 2. If the Fed surprised analysts and hiked rates, the stock market probably crashes, and gold stocks rally strongly. 3. As expected, the Fed did nothing and gold stocks outperformed. 4. It’s a clear win-win situation for gold bugs around the... Read more »

Gold Stocks Outperform Gold but Not Stocks


In recent weeks we noted the bullish outlook for the stock market. Friday the S&P 500 as well as ACWX (global equity ETF ex US stocks) closed above resistance and made higher highs. Not surprisingly, as US and global equities have avoided a bear market (for the time being), precious metals have weakened. It’s... Read more »

Gold Miners' Q4 2018 Fundamentals


The major gold miners are grinding higher in a solid upleg, fueling growing interest in this small contrarian sector. They’ve mostly finished reporting their fourth-quarter results, revealing how they are really faring fundamentally. Collectively the world’s biggest gold miners continue to face serious challenges, which... Read more »

Canadian Orebodies Following Up on Strong Results


  A lack of exploration and discovery near Hemlo has created an opportunity for one Canadian company with a deep connection to the region to make the next discovery and the regional connection between two possible gold systems.  by Nicholas LePan The winters in Northern Ontario pause most exploration... Read more »

Is $1280 The New Floor For Gold?


  With little fanfare, gold is staging a nice consolidation in the $1280-$1350 price zone. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. A breakout from this $70 trading range would usher in... Read more »

3 Things That Don’t Affect the Price of Gold


It’s important to understand Gold’s fundamentals as it will help us confirm a new bull market. To this point, Gold’s rallies have failed to make higher highs and higher lows because, although there has been improvement in fundamentals, the fundamentals have not turned bullish yet. The technical trigger will... Read more »

Big US Stocks’ Q4 2018 Fundamentals


The widely-held mega-cap stocks that dominate the U.S. markets recently finished reporting their Q4 2018 financial results. Because the tenor of stock markets changed radically last quarter, this latest earnings season is more important than usual. An extreme monster bull market suddenly rolled over into a severe near-bear... Read more »

Gold and Gold Stocks Stop Short of Bull Market, Again


The recent rally showed quite a bit of promise. Gold stocks surged past their long-term moving averages while breadth indicators surpassed all prior bear market peaks (excluding 2016). 71% of the HUI and 81% of GDXJ closed above the 200-day moving average. GDX and GDXJ looked to be on their way to $25 and $37, with... Read more »

Gold Stocks: A Leisurely Uptrend


  The U.S. stock market and bullion swooned yesterday, but the GDX gold stocks ETF was up! Gold stocks continue to perform impressively. Rallies look impulsive and corrections feel solid. Please click... Read more »

Former Cornerstone Capital Resources Executive Glen McKay on Future of Cascabel Project


The battle for Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. (TSXV-CGP, OTC-CTNXF) is heating up following a preliminary takeover bid from joint venture partner SolGold. However, Cornerstone is likely to reject the overture, based on its latest press release on the matter and on comments by Glen... Read more »

Chart Attack: The Gold Price Correction: Key Tactics


Here are today's videos and charts (double-click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis I’m quite excited about the pullback in gold because the fundamentals are getting... Read more »

Gold Stocks’ Spring Rally #4


The gold miners’ stocks have been climbing higher on balance, enjoying a solid upleg that is gathering steam.  That’s fueling improving sentiment, driving more interest in this small contrarian sector.  This gold-stock upleg is likely to grow in coming months, partially because of very-favorable spring seasonals. ... Read more »

First Vanadium, a High-Grade Primary Vanadium Project in the U.S.


First Vanadium (TSX-V: FVAN) is one of the better known vanadium companies. Its CEO, Paul Cowley, can be seen in a number of video clips that I linked to at the bottom of the page. Despite being a blue chip name, First Vanadium’s market cap is just US$19.5 M. This, for a company... Read more »


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