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Adam Hamilton: Gold Summer Doldrums Part Deux


Early summer is the weakest time of the year seasonally for gold, silver, and their miners’ stocks.  With traders’ attention diverted... Read more »

Oreninc Canadian Resource Financing Index Falls as Brokered Action Faltered, May 28, 2018


  Last week index score: 52.74 This week: 30.90 The Oreninc Index... Read more »

Klondike Gold Corp. – Exploring For Gold In The Heart Of The Yukon


Over the last month, I’ve received numerous questions pertaining to the direction of the gold price. The fact is, I don’t have a crystal ball and, while I believe... Read more »

Why O’Leary and Holmes Are both Right on Gold & Gold Stocks


Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, and Frank Holmes recently took different side the gold (bullion) vs. gold stocks. Gold and gold stocks... Read more »

Oreninc Index Natural Resources Financing Increases despite Gold Fall, May 21, 2018


Last week index score: 36.21 (updated) This week: 52.74 The Oreninc Index... Read more »

Adam Hamilton: Gold Miners’ Q1’18 Fundamentals


The major gold miners’ stocks are still largely grinding sideways, mired in a bearish sentiment wasteland.  Traders tend to assume... Read more »

Oreninc Natural Resource Financing Index Falls as Action Dries Up (again)


Last week index score: 45.85 (updated) This week: 25.90 Prospero Silver (TSX-V: PSL) and Fortuna Silver... Read more »

Adam Hamilton: Big US Stocks’ Q1’18 Fundamentals


The mega-cap stocks that dominate the US markets are just wrapping up a truly-extraordinary earnings season.  Naturally this first... Read more »



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