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Interview: William Randall from Rodinia Lithium (TSXV:RM)

A tale of two projects. Toronto’s Rodinia Lithium (TSXV:RM), like its peers Talison and Lithium One, is developing lithium projects in two radically diverse geographical areas; Nevada and Argentina. But unlike its counterparts, Rodinia is focused exclusively on lithium brine production. A comparison... Read more »

Interview: Farhad Abasov from Allana Potash (TSXV:AAA)

Potash is hot. Allana’s potash might be just a little hotter. That's because Toronto based Allana Potash’s (TSXV:AAA) property is located in the Danakil Depression of Ethiopia, one of the lowest places on earth not covered by water, and, with temperatures routinely soaring to over 60 Celsius,... Read more »

Interview: Patrick Highsmith from Lithium One (TSXV:LI)

Other people’s money. Not only does Lithium One (TSXV:LI) have what might be one of the purest sources of lithium in the world; the company recently reported what it described as favorably low magnesium and sulphate content at their Sal de Vida brine project in Argentina, but some well timed agreements... Read more »

Interview: Patricio Varas from Western Potash (TSXV:WPX)

Western Potash, as its name suggests, is developing a potash project in Saskatchewan, the sparsely populated province in Western Canada that produces about a third of the world’s supply of the stuff. The company’s Milestone Potash Project is located in the central part of the province, about 35 kilometres southeast... Read more »

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