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Resource Opportunities site visit: Sabina cracks open a high-grade gold vault


Canada's North is a mysterious and forbidding land. There are stories of European explorers disappearing without a trace and place names such as Deadman's Island. Native legends from the original occupants – not to mention strangely colourful lights that often dance across the night sky – add to the intrigue. I saw... Read more »

Precious Metals Bull Analogs Update


We started employing analog charts during the latter stages of the seemingly forever bear market in precious metals. Comparing current to past trends by using price data is not considered technical analysis but it is... Read more »

Ounces in the Ground: The Exploration Report for Aug. 29 to Sept. 1


For the week, a total of 33 Canadian-listed companies reported exploration results with 16 having a positive impact, 11 with a negative impact and 6 with no impact on the share prices of the companies. GT Gold Corp. (TSX-V: GTT) is the big... Read more »

Silver Miners’ Q2’17 Fundamentals: SIL Global X Silver Miners ETF


The silver miners’ stocks have largely languished this year, grinding sideways near lows for months on end.  This vexing consolidation has fueled near-universal bearishness, leaving silver stocks deeply out of favor.  But once a quarter when earnings season arrives, hard fundamentals... Read more »

Jim Rogers Commodity Fund: July Best Month Since Sept. 2016; Metals Lead


In July, the Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI) had its best month since September, 2016, according to Price Asset Management, a US-based firm that manages a commodity fund based on the RICI index. The index was up 3.13%, slightly ahead of the benchmark Bloomberg Commodity Index (BCOM) which was... Read more »

China could lose 10% of its lead supply


China will halt iron, iron ore and seafood imports from North Korea starting Tuesday as it implements the new UN sanctions, the Chinese commerce ministry said Monday. According to Metal Bulletin Daily for Aug 15, 2017, China could lose up to a tenth of its lead concentrates supply from looming North Korea Ban... Read more »

Exclusive Interview: Viscount Mining Chairman Kaare Foy


Viscount Mining (TSX-V: VML) / (OTCQB: VLMGF) is a project... Read more »

Quarterly financials beat estimates but uncertainty at the Escobal mine pushes Tahoe Resources to halt dividend; share price down for the day


Yesterday evening, Tahoe Resources Inc. (T:THO)  reported its second quarter 2017 financial results of US$33.48-million. Daniel Earle of TD Securities found the results mixed. Earnings per share (EPS) beat on lower costs and the company suspended its dividend, which TD securities believes... Read more »

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA : Silver Analogies – Invalidated?


Some time ago we discussed the analogies in the silver market and the implication of the analogies was that a big decline should follow. However, we have not seen anything epic on a medium-term basis – only a local (yet powerful) intra-day slide. Was the analogy invalidated and did the outlook become bullish? Let’s... Read more »

SEC lays charges against Bobby G in Liberty Silver (CSE: LSL) (OTC: LBSV) Pump and Dump


Today the SEC laid fraud and other charges against Robert Genovese, a Canadian citizen, his company, B.G. Capital Group, Ltd. and Abraham "Avi" Mirman, the former head of investment banking at now-defunct New York broker-dealer John Thomas Financial, Inc. for the involvement in a scheme to manipulate the share... Read more »

Graceland Updates: "Gold & Silver: Respect The Bar"


1. At about 4:00am yesterday, gold suffered a dramatic sell-off in just a few seconds. More than 15,000 contracts quickly changed hands on the COMEX. 2. This caught most investors by surprise. That’s because they don’t follow the physical market meticulously. 3.   The supply and demand of physical gold... Read more »

Silver Miners’ Q1’17 Fundamentals


The silver miners’ stocks have been slowly grinding higher this year, but it’s been a volatile ride. This sector’s alternating surges and plunges have spawned outsized swings in sentiment, really distorting investors’ perceptions of the major silver miners. But once a quarter earnings season arrives, revealing... Read more »

Gold Hostage to Stocks


Gold has had a wild ride since Trump’s surprise election win in early November. This metal first plunged then surged, ultimately making little headway. It wasn’t until mid-April that gold regained its pre-election levels. This overall lackluster gold action was confounding given all the mounting uncertainties. But... Read more »

Azarga Metals’ Awesome Cu-Ag Maiden Resource


Azarga Metals Corp. [TSX-V: AZR] owns a 60% interest (with a call option to move to 100%) of the Unkur Copper-Silver project (“Unkur”) in eastern Russia.  Unkur is a high-grade deposit that was actively drilled and defined during the Soviet era. It had several... Read more »

Bearish Reversal in Gold and Silver


Precious metals ended a quiet week with quite a reversal. Gold surged above its 200-day moving average for the first time since November, only to lose the gains and then close below the 200-day moving average. Silver was already trading above its 200-day moving average before it moved higher but it then reversed strongly... Read more »

Warning Signs in Precious Metals


Precious metals closed the first quarter with solid gains. Gold gained almost 9% while Silver gained 14%. The miners (GDX and GDXJ) gained the same amounts (9% and 14%) but unlike the metals which closed at their highs of the quarter, ended up losing more than half their gains. Despite a strong quarter, the entire complex... Read more »

Precious Metals and 200-Day Moving Averages


The precious metals complex enjoyed a strong week mostly due to a post-Fed explosion on Wednesday. Although gold stocks sold off to end the week, they finished up almost 5% for the week. Gold gained 2.4% on the week while Silver gained 2.9%. The miners enjoyed massive gains following the previous two rate hikes and... Read more »

Nicola Mining 3 Company-Makers in 1 Company?


Nicola Mining Inc. (TSX-V: NIM) / (OTC: HUSIF) has three primary, potential company-making assets, two nearing high-margin, steady-state cash flow.  The third, Treasure Mountain, offers both a shovel ready, up to C$9 million profit opportunity... Read more »

Mining Sector to record improved performance in 2017


Following a superb performance in 2016, the mining industry is positioned to continue enjoying the positive performance in 2017. In their January 2017 report on the global mining industry outlook, analysts from Citi projected that mining stocks will have a strong performance in 2017. This they explained will be buoyed... Read more »

State of the Mineral Exploration Industry


Most companies in the mineral exploration industry have stated that their objective was year over year growth, only in recent years has this started to become a marginal struggle. As M.... Read more »

Key Breakdowns after Silver’s Final Reversal


The end of the previous week was rich in signals as gold, silver and mining stocks all reversed along with the USD Index. Gold closed the week below the rising support line and the implications should not be ignored even by those who... Read more »

Silver Way Undervalued


After rocketing higher mid-year, silver has spent most of the third quarter drifting sideways to lower. This has naturally weighed on sentiment, with investors and speculators alike growing more bearish during recent months. Yet silver remains way undervalued relative to its primary driver gold, so silver’s young... Read more »

Graceland Updates: "Gold & Silver: Good Times Are Here"


1. Gold has a rough general tendency to decline ahead of the monthly US jobs report, gyrate wildly when the report is released, and then rally modestly higher for another one to three weeks. The cycle tends to repeat itself with varying degrees of intensity. 2. Please ... Read more »

Gold & Silver Trading Alert: Suspicious Reversal in Gold


Gold moved lower early during yesterday’s session, but came back up later on and finally gold ended the session only less than $3 lower. Can we view such a reversal as a bullish sign? Not necessarily – a reversal should be confirmed by high volume and yesterday’s session wasn’t. Consequently, one needs to look... Read more »

Silver Bull Faces Correction


Silver’s young bull market got off to a typically-slow start, lagging gold’s own new bull. But recently the white metal surged to catch up in a record summer rally. That left silver very overbought and facing near-term correction risks led by a record futures selling overhang and weak late-summer seasonals. But... Read more »

First Majestic Silver Soars


First Majestic Silver has been one of the world’s best-performing stocks in 2016, nearly quintupling at best in recent months. This outstanding Canadian silver miner runs extensive operations in Mexico, and is one of this metal’s purest producers. Despite its blistering run this year, First Majestic remains incredibly... Read more »

Silver Is Coiled Spring


Silver’s reluctant, sluggish participation in early 2016’s powerful gold rally has been glaringly obvious. Instead of amplifying the yellow metal’s big gains as in the past, silver largely failed to even keep pace. The lack of silver confirmation for gold’s big move has certainly raised concerns. But despite... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Silver: The Best Is Yet To Come


1.America was built by “citizen champions”. Should the current gold price action be described in a similar way, as a “rally of champions”? I think so. 2. Technically, gold is arguably overbought. It may be due for a correction according to cycle analysis, and yet the world’s mightiest metal just keeps moving... Read more »

Richard Warke’s Taylor Deposit shaping up to have plenty of potential


2016 may be a noteworthy year for the Canadian-based Arizona Mining Inc. The resource company has made big gains on its Hermosa property, located 80 km southeast of Tucson, Arizona. With an 80 percent share of the property, Arizona Mining has been the catalyst behind the exploration of the site’s resource deposits... Read more »

No Change in Outlook for Gold & Silver


With each passing rally hope has bloomed that the bear market in precious metals may be over. The long and deep “forever bear” has to end but it hasn’t yet. Under the surface, the bear market is getting weaker and Gold is growing stronger. It’s showing strength against foreign currencies and has broken its downtrend... Read more »

Silver & Gold Stocks Dangerously Close to Breakdown


The fledgling rebound in the precious metals complex suddenly reversed course. Since the intraday peak last Thursday, gold stocks (GDX and GDXJ) declined about 13% while Gold lost $1100/oz and today (Thursday) $1080/oz. Silver, which did not mount much of a rebound to begin with remains mired below $13/oz. Gold is showing... Read more »

Graceland Updates: "Stagflation: Implications For Gold & Silver"


1. At the end of the year, I always urge investors to stand aside from the US stock market. That’s because major money managers tend to move large amounts of liquidity during the first week of January, setting the tone for the year. 2. This year, the US stock market just put on what is arguably the worst first... Read more »

Graceland Updates: "Silver To Lead Gold In 2016"


1. As 2015 comes to an end, gold feels solid. There are many factors coming into play in 2016 that should incentivize investors to add to their positions, and do so with comfort. 2. Please click here now. Double-click... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Gold In 2016: Janet & Chindia


1. When times change, champions change with the times. To survive in the West’s new era of long term slow growth, business owners have essentially had to reinvent themselves. Their mantra is adapt or die. 2. The gold market is also changing, and so the champions known as the Western gold community need to change... Read more »

Gold & Silver Trading Alert: USD and Silver Invalidate the Breakdowns but Gold Doesn’t


Briefly: In our opinion, no speculative positions in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward point of view. In other words, we think that taking the rest of the profits off the table is justified from the risk to reward point of view. It seems likely that we will re-enter the short positions... Read more »

Gold Miners’ Strong Q3 Results


The beleaguered gold-mining sector continues to be plagued by monumental universal bearishness. Nearly everyone assumes the gold miners are doomed, that they can’t survive for long in a sub-$1200-gold environment. But this belief is totally wrong, a consequence of extreme fear’s fog of war. The gold miners’ underlying... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Gold & Silver: COT Report Nirvana


1. I’ve talked at length about the relationship between US money supply velocity and interest rates, and done so in a positive way. 2. A modest rise in nominal interest rates encourages banks to make loans, and it makes those loans profitable. Most of the QE money has either just sat in bank coffers, or it has... Read more »

Nicola Mining, $51 mm Invested in 4 Assets, Market Cap $6 mm, Cash Flow Next Year


The July 2013 announcement of Peter Espig’s accepting the role of CEO may have come as a surprise to some; however, to Mr. Espig it was a natural career progression. He grew up around mines and exploration projects, having spent 8 years working as a diamond driller in the 1980s. His career as an internationally renowned... Read more »

Nav Dhunay’s Big Data Model a Natural Resource for Miners


While most of us know and use the internet in a variety of ways every single day, we also interact on a much more digital level through what’s called the Internet of Things (IoT for short). The Internet of Things is a network where interconnected devices... Read more »

Lisa Overholt Eyes Technology, Sees Improvement in Mine Training Standards


Safety training is an integral part of a number of different jobs in a variety of fields like healthcare, the oil and gas industry and forestry, to name a few. Safety training is also a paramount concern in the mining industry, where one wrong move can cost the lives of dozens of miners and those working above ground,... Read more »

Re-Introducing Nevada Gold and Silver Producer, Comstock Mining


The following interview of Corrado De Gasperis, President, CEO & Director of Comstock Mining was conducted by phone and email in the week ended September 18th. The views, opinions and reported facts are entirely those of Corrado De Gasperis. The interviewer, Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA of Read more »

Graceland Updates: Silver Stocks: Jobs Report Rally Leaders


1. Welcome to September! Please click here now. That’s the daily Dow chart. In early morning futures market trading, the Dow is down about 330 points. 2. It’s a horrific start to the month, and it could get much worse. Here’s... Read more »

Precious Metals Get a Reprieve


The precious metals sector has held recent lows and a rebound is underway. Gold held $1080/oz for three straight weeks and has pushed as high as $1126/oz this week. The gold miners (GDX and GDXJ) surged the first half of the week and Silver has also gained. We believe that this move is more likely to be a relief rally... Read more »

Gold & Silver Correlations for August 2015


Correlation seems almost like a magical word. In fact, most people don’t have to use this term more often than a couple of times a year. In the world of investing, however, correlation is an important concept which has to do with how different assets move in relation to one another. Before we even dive into what correlation... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Gold: Accumulation With Prudence


1.In an inflationary environment, silver bullion and junior/intermediate gold stocks tend to outperform gold bullion and senior gold stocks. 2. Please click here now. That’s the daily gold chart. The price now... Read more »

Netolitzky Drills For Wealth Creation Hat-Trick In B.C.’s Golden Triangle (SKE.v)


"In our business, you make it taking shots." Ron Netolitzky, 2014 Canadian Mining Hall of Fame inductee Prospector Ron Netolitzky found his footing exploring for uranium in the northern Saskatchewan muskeg while oil patch consulting on the side, but it was in the mountains of northwestern British Columbia that he... Read more »

More Weakness Ahead in Precious Metals Complex


The precious metals sector is enduring losses for the third straight week. The gold miners and Silver have led the way down, though Silver has rallied over the past two sessions. Gold has also rallied yet remains dangerously close to making a new weekly low for the bear market. While the metals recovered some losses... Read more »

Extreme Gold/Silver Shorting


Gold and silver are languishing near major lows, trudging through the barren sentiment wasteland of the summer doldrums. The major factor behind this weakness is extreme shorting by American futures speculators. But their heavily-bearish bets are actually very bullish for both precious metals. Not only do these traders... Read more »

Gold and Silver Headed for Breakdown


Gold and Silver rebounded following the Fed minutes released last Wednesday. However, one week later both metals are back below pre-Fed levels and moving dangerously close to important support. Silver fell 2% on Tuesday to $15.81/oz, which is only 2.2% above its lowest weekly close of $15.46 which occurred seven months... Read more »

HUI’s Lowest Weekly Close Since 2003


Briefly: In our opinion, a speculative short position (full) in gold, silver and mining stocks is justified from the risk/reward point of view. We have previously commented on the mining stocks’ underperformance relative to gold and its bearish implications. Last week, however, we saw something even more profound.... Read more »

Juniors Show Relative Strength as Precious Metals Weaken


Despite three consecutive weeks of losses precious metals have failed to mount much of a rally. Gold closed last week above $1170 and may close this week below $1180. Meanwhile, Silver has struggled to mount any rebound and appears to have lost $16 as the week comes to a close. While the risk of a final breakdown is... Read more »

Graceland Updates: "Gold Buy Signal & Dow Transports Meltdown"


1. Please click here now. That’s a seasonal chart for gold. I’ve highlighted my key buying and profit booking areas. 2.  June is the most important time of the year to buy gold. 3. Unfortunately,... Read more »

Silver Stocks’ Signal


Briefly: In our opinion, a speculative short position (half) in gold, silver and mining stocks is justified from the risk/reward point of view. The situation in the precious metals market is quite specific at this time. We have gold moving higher on low volume and moving lower on increased volume (which is bearish),... Read more »

Which Way Will Precious Metals Break?


Precious Metals continue to be a conundrum. While Gold has trended lower it has failed to break below $1100 as so many expect. It is very strong against foreign currencies and did not break to a new low even as the US$ index rallied from 87 to 100. On the other hand, Gold has failed to sustain any bullish momentum.... Read more »

Silver Fortunes


The Spaniards of centuries past controlled the world’s elite maritime fleet. And this fleet’s colonization of the Americas is well-documented. The Spanish Crown would have told you their primary mission was to convert the indigenous people to Catholicism. But in reality it was trade and a craving for all things... Read more »

Support and Resistance Levels for Gold, Silver and Miners


The precious metals complex has established a floor of support over the past five months. For Gold it is around $1150/oz and for Silver it is around $15.50/oz. Pick any miner index and you’ll see the support at the November and December lows. These lows could mark a base of support from which a new bull market takes... Read more »

Gold to Fuel Silver Upleg


Silver reversed sharply higher over the past week or so, surging dramatically. This was just after it had successfully retested major secular lows, ramping the odds this strong buying is the vanguard of a long-overdue major new upleg. As usual, silver’s coming gains will be fueled by gold’s own advance. As the yellow... Read more »

Timely Interview of CEO of Comstock Mining (LODE)


The following interview of CEO Corrado De Gasperis of Comstock Mining (LODE) was conducted by phone and email over the week ending March 16th. The views and opinions expressed by Mr. De Gasperis are entirely his own. I, Peter Epstein have no prior or existing relationship with any company named herein. Please... Read more »

Gold and Silver - Decline Continues


Briefly: In our opinion speculative short positions (full) in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. We are keeping the stop-loss levels at their current levels, which means that we are effectively keeping some gains locked in and at the same time we’re allowing the profits... Read more »

Silver Ready to Run


Silver looks to be on the verge of a major new upleg, finally emerging from the past couple years’ ugly sentiment wasteland. This beleaguered precious metal recently bottomed as futures speculators threw in the towel on their extreme shorting. And while investors’ ongoing silver stealth buying continues, it’s... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Gold Stocks: Rational & Profitable In 2015


1. As the end of the year approaches, gold is swooning a bit. Please click here now. 2. That’s the daily chart for gold. A broad and gently sloping uptrend channel has been established, with very volatile price... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Janet Yellen: Gold Rally Catalyst?


1. Is Santa Claus coming to town this year? To find out, please click here now. For US stock market investors, it looks like the Grinch just stole Christmas! 2. Stock markets around the world are reeling, under pressure from the... Read more »

Precious Metals Starting to Show Bullish Signs


We’ve believed that Gold would need to break $1100 before we thought a bottom could start to develop. While that could still be the case, we are starting to see building evidence that precious metals could be forming a bottom. In the past we’ve written about the importance of Gold’s performance against other... Read more »

Close to the Bottom but Not There Yet


The selloff in precious metals intensified over the past week. GDXJ declined 25% in seven days while Gold plunged below $1180 to $1140 and Silver plunged below $16 and to as low as $15.20. Precious metals are becoming extremely oversold and the bear market is clearly in the 9th inning. Be on alert for a snapback rally... Read more »

HUI to Gold Ratio at Its 2000 Low


Gold & Silver Trading Alert originally published on November 3rd, 2014 6:50 AM: Briefly: In our opinion speculative short positions (full) in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. We are adjusting the stop-loss levels (again), so in a way we are locking-in even more of... Read more »

More Downside Ahead for Precious Metals


Last week we argued that the underperformance of the gold miners during Gold’s rebound was a bad sign. Since then the miners have plunged to new lows while Gold appears to be at the doorstep of a major breakdown below $1180. It shouldn’t be a surprise as it would simply be following the miners and Silver. The current... Read more »

Chart Shows Potential Double or Triple in TSX Venture


Risk taking is a natural part of life, especially in the capitalist system where the greater the risk, the increased potential reward. The TSX Venture Index which is made of the Canadian start ups in junior mining and high tech is hitting lows not seen since 2002 and the 2008 Credit Crisis. Despite the record amount... Read more »

What Will the End of QE Mean for the Precious Metals?


This fall, the Federal Reserve is expected to finally wind down its latest monthly bond-buying program known as Quantitative Easing. What will the end of this $4 trillion (and counting) debacle mean for precious metals markets? The answer may be, not much. That’s not to say that gold and silver prices won’t... Read more »

How Will We Know That the Bottom Is In?


Briefly: In our opinion speculative long positions (half) in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. Yesterday, gold closed higher than it did in the previous several weeks, which seems like a very bullish development for the entire precious metals market until one realizes... Read more »

Powerful Reversal and Shakeout in the Junior Gold Miners


Summary • Three years ago in early 2011, I cautioned my readers to be careful to chase gold and silver higher as it was moving parabolic. Now it is oversold and ignored. • Be careful now of parabolic rises in the S&P500 (SPY), Long term US Treasuries (TLT) and US dollar (UUP). Investors... Read more »

Precious Metals Getting a Temporary Reprieve


Gold closed last week below $1200 for the first time but has since rebounded from support at $1180. Silver has also rebounded but only after declining in 11 of the past 12 weeks. Precious Metals endured a very rough September and became very oversold. With Gold near its daily low and the gold miners (HUI, GDX) near... Read more »

Huge Reversal in USD and Gold – Finally!


Article originally published on October 7, 2014. Briefly: In our opinion speculative long positions (full) in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. The precious metals market finally rallied yesterday. Gold moved lower in the first hours of the session,... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Deflation Is Bullish For Gold Stocks


1. Gold-bearish Western bank economists are very lucky. They can gleefully ignore Indian black market imports in their assessment of demand and supply, and nobody questions them. 2. Thus, a tiny outflow of gold from Western ETFs in September is relentlessly highlighted as a harbinger of gold price doom, while recent... Read more »

Precious Metals to Face More Body Blows


Article originally published October 3, 2014. Gold has broken below $1200 this morning in what should begin the final breakdown. In weekly and monthly terms $1200 was the remaining support. Sure Gold could bounce from $1180 but todays breakdown is more significant. Both metals are now in breakdown... Read more »

Forex Volatility Predicting Bottom in Precious Metals?


Summary - Volatility in foreign exchange market as investors flee euro and yen for liquid U.S. dollar. - Euro and yen hitting multi-year lows. Inflation picking up outside US. - US dollar seen as temporary safe haven. Could the US dollar be the next currency to decline? - Precious metals... Read more »

Graceland Updates: The Golden Kiss


1. I prefer the “KIS” motto to the more common “KISS”. I define it as, “Keep It Simple”. Simply put, gold bullion is the ultimate asset, but when the price declines, Western investors often become nervous. 2. Some investors try to mitigate their worry, by reviewing factors that... Read more »

QE3’s Ominous End Looms


The Federal Reserve’s third quantitative-easing campaign is on track to wind down in late October. At that point the Fed will likely stop printing new money to buy bonds, a sea-change shift with ominous implications for the stock markets. Their entire surreal levitation during QE3 mirrored the huge growth in the Fed’s... Read more »

Strong Reversal Augurs for Rough September


In recent weeks we wrote about the ongoing consolidation in precious metals miners. We touched on the history of September, not as a bullish month but as an important inflection point. With the miners holding up well and Gold still holding its lows we thought a breakout could be coming. Yet we’ve been whipsawed before.... Read more »

Gold & Silver: Jobs Report Tactics


1. Gold has a rough general tendency to decline during the week leading up to the release of the US Employment Situation Report (jobs report). 2. Following the release of that report (Friday at 8:30AM), gold tends to begin a decent minor or intermediate trend rally. 3. Gold has exhibited this trading pattern for... Read more »

Dollar Soars to New Highs


Briefly: In our opinion no speculative positions in gold, silver and mining stocks are now justified from the risk/reward perspective. The back-and-forth trading in the USD Index ended as it pierced through the short-term resistance and also above this year’s high. As we have emphasized many times previously, the... Read more »

Miners Have Already Rallied – Will Metals Follow?


Briefly: In our opinion no speculative positions in gold, silver and mining stocks are now justified from the risk/reward perspective. When one looks at gold and silver prices and their moves yesterday, it might seem that nothing happened in the precious metals market. That’s far from the truth because the real... Read more »

Oreninc: Killing Projects


Benjamin Cox speaks on the different stages of project review. He mentions that Oreninc currently has an intern working on project review and how this has allowed the intern to do real work. Benjamin frames the intern’s reactions to discuss the process of project review. First is euphoria, where you are magically... Read more »

Bullion Banks: Unexpected Allies


1. Most investors buy gold because they are nervous about the financial system, government debt/bureaucracy, central bank money printing, and dangerous geopolitical developments. In a nutshell, that’s the “fear trade” for gold. 2. The fear trade is a great reason to own a core position in gold now, and forever.... Read more »

Miners Next Move: Breakout or Breakdown?


We’ve been very bullish on the miners since January but became concerned recently with the poor technical action in the metals (specifically Gold). Last month the mining indices were very close to a major breakout yet couldn’t punch through. This signaled that Gold could begin a deeper decline and the miners would... Read more »

More Weakness Ahead for the Miners


No pain, no gain. That is one comment regarding this seemingly terminal bottoming process in the precious metals complex. Multiple times as soon as conditions have strengthened enough for us to anticipate a breakout, the miners have put in a bearish reversal. At the same time, the metals and especially Gold have failed... Read more »

Euro’s Breakdown and Its Implications


Briefly: In our opinion (full) speculative short positions in gold, silver and mining stocks are now justified from the risk/reward perspective. The Euro Index broke decisively below the rising long-term support line (based on the 2012 and mid-2013 bottoms) and this is a major event not only for the currency itself,... Read more »

Will Gold Drag Down the Miners?


We know that the gold and silver stocks lead the metals at key turning points. The stocks started their bear market well ahead of Gold. This year the stocks have exhibited excellent relative strength. Gold and Silver are up less than 10% this year while GDX is up 27% and GDXJ is up 43%. In recent days GDX and GDXJ reached... Read more »

Massive PM-Futures Buying


Both gold and silver have enjoyed massive buying by American futures speculators in recent weeks. It all started with Fed chair Janet Yellen’s cavalier dismissal of inflation, but the buying momentum persisted well after that. Happening in the midst of the summer doldrums when global precious-metals investment demand... Read more »

Gold and Silver Stocks: It’s Old Turkey Time!


Those familiar with Jesse Livermore and the book Reminiscences of a Stock Operator know who Old Turkey is. He was Mr. Partridge, an old trader who dispensed great wisdom in few words. Those at the office nicknamed him Turkey because of the way in which he strutted around with his chest puffed out. Livermore gleaned... Read more »

Central Bank Gamblers Versus Gold Stocks


Originally published on June 17, 2014. 1. Today is a very important day at City Hall in London, England. Central bank research group OMFIF is presenting a blockbuster report on public sector spending. I think that everyone in the global gold community should take note of it. 2. OMFIF argues, quite persuasively,... Read more »

Black Swans Increasing Demand in Junior Gold Miners


Are the blacks swans waking you up from the summer doldrums? The technical signals are turning positive for gold (GLD), silver (SLV) and the junior gold (GDXJ) and silver (SIL) miners. The record shorts such as hedge funds and high speed traders who have been manipulating the paper market may soon run scared as major... Read more »

Why Capital May Be Flowing From Equities to Junior Miners


The gold (GLD) and silver (SLV) price may be reversing over the next couple of weeks. The junior miner gold ETF (GDXJ) is reversing above the 50 day moving average and breaking above its recent three month downtrend. Click here for reference... Read more »

Miners Break Out Despite Dollar's Rally


Briefly: In our opinion no speculative positions in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. The precious metals market moved higher yesterday, which was in tune with what we've been expecting. The key question is if gold, silver and mining stocks have completed... Read more »

Precious Metals Moving Closer to Bottom


Though precious metals are rallying on the day we pen this (May 30), we expect more downside before a final bottom or at least before we’ll exit hedges and begin buying. Since the hard reversal in March we’ve had the view that precious metals would decline and the miners could retest their December lows. We’ve... Read more »

Top Mining Minds: Richard Warke, Augusta Resources


With over thirty years spent in the global resource sector, with a particular focus on mining, there is no doubt that Richard Warke provides an experienced and well-respected voice for the resource industry. In addition to his experience in mineral operations, Mr. Warke has also spent time in oil and gas, forestry,... Read more »

More of the Same – For How Long?


Briefly: In our opinion speculative short positions (half) in gold, silver, and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. The history repeats itself once again – gold just attempted to move higher but failed to ignite anything more than a small daily rally. Let’s see if there’s anything... Read more »



Briefly: In our opinion speculative short positions (half) in gold, silver, and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. The history repeats itself and we have just seen another example confirming this statement. Gold once again moved higher initially but failed to hold its gains even until the... Read more »

Critical Support in Silver


Briefly: In our opinion speculative short positions (half) are justified from the risk/reward perspective in gold, silver, and mining stocks. The previous week started quite favorably for precious metals bulls, but as the week progressed, the situation became less bullish, and finally we saw some bearish signs. Overall,... Read more »

Silver Stealth Buying


Silver has suffered as a market pariah this year, dragging along doggedly near major lows. Investors have seemingly abandoned it to chase the Fed’s general-stock-market levitation, an affliction plaguing most of the alternative-investment realm. But rather provocatively, silver buying remains quite strong even in... Read more »

Dollar’s Plunge and Its Implications


Briefly: In our opinion speculative short positions (half) are justified from the risk/reward perspective for gold, silver, and mining stocks. The most important thing that we saw in the markets yesterday was the major decline in the USD Index and the lack of proper response from gold, silver and mining stocks. Such... Read more »

Decline in Gold & Silver Create Opportunity


Last week we noted that the gold and silver shares had formed a short-term rebound in response to an oversold condition. Yet we felt that the downtrend that originated from the hard reversal in March was still in effect. As we go to publish, the rebound appears to be petering out. Be aware that there is more potential... Read more »

Gold and Silver Stocks Begin Oversold Bounce


The bottoming process for gold and silver shares has been arduous as they’ve oscillated back and forth for almost a year. We noted a month ago that the failed breakout in March was strong evidence that an interim top was in place. Heading into this week it looked like the miners would fall further before finding support.... Read more »

More Weakness Ahead for Precious Metals


The Fed minutes were dovish and this helped push Gold above $1310 to $1320. However, the miners, which usually lead the metals did little to confirm the rise. In fact, the miners have been relatively weak in recent days and had a bearish reversal on Thursday. Their rebound from an oversold condition has petered out.... Read more »

Gold and the Ideal Buy Point


Next month marks the 3-year anniversary of the bear market in silver that started in May 2011. Later this summer we will hit the 3-year anniversaries of the bear markets in gold and gold stocks. We are now psychologically conditioned for pain and punishment in the gold markets and to beware of the next downward plunge. In... Read more »

A Golden Opportunity Coming in Silver


Silver has been in a bear market for almost three years and the recent lack of strength suggests the metal could be headed for new lows. New lows are always bearish until the last one. Our technical work suggests that we should watch for a final low and end to the bear market in the coming months. This chart plots... Read more »

Avarone Metals - High Risk, Return Junior Gold Explorer


Last week I held a series of phone calls with Marc Levy, CEO of junior gold explorer Avarone Metals, [AVM.V]. I first met Mr. Levy in Toronto at this year’s PDAC. Avarone has a market cap of about $6 million and no debt. It is exploring primarily for gold (with secondary targets of silver, copper, zinc and lead) in... Read more »

Confirmation of a Breakdown


Briefly: In our opinion short speculative positions in silver (half) and mining stocks (full) are justified from the risk/reward perspective. Friday was generally a calm day in the precious metals market and for the currency indices. The initial moves higher (in the early part of the session) were mostly invalidated... Read more »

Failed Breakout Marks Interim Top


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you have witnessed the now false breakout in Gold and gold stocks. Our expectation was that the breakout would take Gold to $1420 and the stocks up to their neckline resistance (GDX $30 and GDXJ $51) and then we’d see the first real correction since the December low.... Read more »

Gold Fails to Rally


Briefly: In our opinion short speculative positions (half) in silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. We are closing half of the long-term investment position in gold. As you know, we had been expecting the tensions in Ukraine to cause a significant rally in gold (not necessarily... Read more »

Dollar Rallies, Gold Declines


In short: In our opinion short positions (half): gold, silver, and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. The entire precious metals sector declined yesterday, even gold. Has the situation changed enough to double the short position? Let’s take a closer look (charts courtesy of ... Read more »

Gold & Silver Trading Alert: Juniors' Outperformance


In short: In our opinion short positions (half): gold, silver, and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. Gold, silver and mining stocks didn’t do much on Friday, so what we wrote in Friday’s alert is generally up-to-date. However, since the week is over, we have weekly closing prices and... Read more »

Silver's Upswing and Euro's Resistance


Not much happened in gold and mining stocks this week, but silver moved higher. We sometimes saw this type of divergence right at the local tops, but it was not an extremely reliable sign. Let’s take a closer look (charts courtesy of Click... Read more »

David Morgan Speaks about the Latest in Silver


The “Silver Guru” David Morgan is the author of the investment newsletter, The Morgan Report, which covers economic news, the currency market and reasons for investing in precious metals. He is a regular commentator on the gold and silver markets and has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News and BNN... Read more »

Richard Coglon on the Sino-Pacific Trading Company


Late last year, Sino-Pacific Trading Group emerged as a major player in the trading and logistics sector.  This Hong Kong based agency is focused on acquisition and investment opportunities in the mining resource sector as well as sourcing, acquiring, and importing petroleum related products into mainland China. We... Read more »

Analysts Turning Bullish on Gold


The price of gold gained $10 per ounce in London trade Thursday morning, gaining 2.2% for the week so far to trade at $1346 as several analysts said they were "turning bullish".  World stock markets... Read more »

Gold Jumps to 3 Month High


Gold jumped to new 3-month highs as London traders returned from the August Bank Holiday on Tuesday, rising above $1418 per ounce as world stock markets fell. Silver hit its best level since April at $24.50 per ounce. ... Read more »

Gary Savage - Interview - Smart Money Tracker


Following a week of explosive precious metals and mining share prices, Gary Savage, technical gold trader and publisher of the Smart Money Tracker, was kind enough to share his comments. Gary’s trading calls have outperformed most of the world’s... Read more »

3 Precious Metal Stocks to Look at Right Now


It's been a long painful slide for gold and silver - but if today's trend continues the worst may very well be over. In a recent article entitled, "Why Gold May Trend Up for the Rest of 2013", MiningFeeds guest contributor... Read more »

World Silver Production 2013


For all of its monetary and investment history, silver is by far an industrial metal today. The industrial sector consumed close to 466 million ounces of silver... Read more »

Blame Bernanke for the Volatility in Gold


The price of gold hovered just below $1380 an ounce Wednesday morning in London, with silver trading around $21.80, after the metals failed to break through $1380 and $22 respectively. European stock markets ticked higher by lunchtime – with the exception of Germany's DAX – regaining some of yesterday's losses,... Read more »

Is the Downtrend in Gold Still Bearish?


Spot gold prices slipped back below $1470 per ounce Thursday morning in London, drifting as world stock markets failed to follow Wall Street higher, where equities yesterday hit new all-time highs. Silver held above $24.00 per ounce, just shy of last week's finish,... Read more »

Tommy Humphreys - Lukas Lundin Interview


“Did you know you were getting the better end of that deal with Kinross?” I asked Lukas Lundin in his Vancouver office earlier this week. “No No No,” he told me, “we thought it was worth more. You always love your own stuff.” Lukas laughed infectiously. Soon I was laughing along with him. The Lundin... Read more »

Gold and Silver Edging Higher


Gold started the week by edging higher Monday, trading around $1475 per ounce by lunchtime in London, as stocks also gained, US Treasuries were broadly flat and the Euro edged higher against the Dollar following news that Italy's borrowing costs have fallen. ... Read more »

Pretium Resources: CEO Interview


Pretivm Resources’ Valley of the Kings discovery on the Brucejack property in Northern B.C. is just about the best Canadian gold project in the hands of a development company right now. It’s got grade, size, low CapEx and ease of permitting all going for it. The recent sell off in gold and related equities has... Read more »

Gold Loses One Trillion Dollars in Value


Spot market gold prices fell to a fresh two-year low in Tuesday's Asian trading, dropping to $1322 per ounce, before rallying back above $1386, as stock markets extended yesterday's losses. Silver dropped to its lowest level since September 2010 at $22.10 an ounce before it too recovered some ground. Oil was down... Read more »

Gold & Silver Continue to Slide


U.S. dollar gold prices fell below $1550 an ounce Friday morning, though they remained above last week's low, as stocks and commodities also fell and the Dollar strengthened, with Eurozone finance ministers set to discuss Cyprus, Ireland and Portugal today.  "Current... Read more »

Tug of War Between Physical Gold Buyers and ETF Sellers


U.S. dollar prices to buy gold hovered around $1575 per ounce Wednesday morning in London, in line with last week's close, as dealers in Asia reported an increase in demand for physical bullion, in contrast with exchange traded funds, which have continued to see selling, in what one analyst calls a "tug of war" between... Read more »

Gold ETFs See Record Monthly Outflows


Spot market gold bullion fell to one-week lows below $1570 per ounce Friday morning, on course for a third straight weekly loss, having ended February down 5.9% as gold exchange traded funds saw their biggest calendar month bullion outflows on record. "ETFs will... Read more »

Will Italian Elections Lead to Eurozone Instability?


U.S. Dollar prices for gold rose briefly above $1600 per ounce Tuesday morning before falling back, while silver failed to hold above $29 an ounce and stock markets fell following the inconclusive Italian election result. Italian markets were especially affected,... Read more »

Rob McEwen: People Will Return to Gold


I had the opportunity yesterday to speak with legendary founder and former CEO of GoldCorp, Rob McEwen. He is now the CEO, Chairman, and largest shareholder of McEwen Mining (Stock Profile - TSX:MUX & NYSE:MUX). It was a powerful conversation,... Read more »

Mining Stocks to Watch in 2013 - Part 1


It's time for our annual Stocks to Watch list. 2013 is well underway and we've seen some very interesting developments in the mining markets. Despite the obvious issues facing the global economy, there is a subtle optimism brewing that perhaps the worst is behind us. To some degree, watching the DJIA hit new 52 week... Read more »

Top Mining Minds: Stan Bharti, Forbes & Manhattan


Stan Bharti is a professional mining engineer, business consultant, international financier, and entrepreneur. In 2002, Mr. Bharti founded Forbes & Manhattan, a private merchant banking organization with a focus on the natural resources sector. Today, Forbes & Manhattan has investment interests in a large... Read more »

Dr. Peter Megaw Interview From MAG Silver


In one of the more fascinating conversations I've had over the last year, I was able to connect with exploration geologist, Dr. Peter Megaw. Dr. Megaw is an expert on Mexican gold and silver exploration, and has authored a number of scientific pieces on ore deposits. He is also a director of... Read more »

Are Investors Losing Interest in Gold & Silver?


US dollar gold prices fell to a one-week low Monday morning in London, dropping to $1660 per ounce, as dealers in Asia reported quiet trading, with China celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday. "We are neutral [on gold] until the current consolidation resolves itself," says the latest technical analysis report from... Read more »

Tekoa Da Silva - Ross Beaty Interview


I had the great opportunity yesterday to connect with legendary resource developer & financier, Ross Beaty, founder and chairman of the $2.7B Pan American Silver Corp., and executive chairman of Alterra Power Corp. Throughout his 37 year career, Ross has generated an astounding sum of over $4B worth of shareholder... Read more »

Junior Mining Stocks - Buy, Hold or Sell?


As we begin to count down the remaining days in 2012 many investors in junior mining stocks are faced with the same decision - do I sell my shares for a tax loss or do I hold onto hope for 2013? Yes, that is the scope of the carnage in the junior mining markets today. 2012 was, without question, one of the worst... Read more »

Gold Following Long Term Uptrend


The price of gold fell back below $1715 an ounce Monday morning in London, more-or-less in line with where they were two weeks ago after failing to hold gains made during Asian trading. "Gold is still following its long term uptrend from 2008 lows," say technical analysts at Scotiabank, "with support from the uptrend... Read more »

Brazil & Kaziakhstan Buy Gold, Germany Sells


Gold prices climbed back above $1725 an ounce Wednesday morning in London, making up some ground lost the previous day, while stocks and the Euro recovered losses made in Asian trading immediately after the news that European policymakers had failed to reach a deal on Greece. "Upside targets [for gold] are now found... Read more »

Gold and Silver Up to Start the Week


Gold prices hovered close to $1725 an ounce during this morning's London trading, holding gains made overnight in Asia, as stocks and commodities also recovered some ground lost last week, after news that a deal may be achieved in time to avoid so-called fiscal cliff of US tax rises and spending cuts currently scheduled... Read more »

Are Mining Stocks Oversold?


A sneaky thing happened over the last five trading days. The major gold mining companies leapt back into oversold territories (when measured against gold), the likes of which are only seen a few times a century.  This summer as many mining analysts pointed out, miners hit their most oversold levels in the last 30 years,... Read more »

Eurozone Enters Recession


The Eurozone fell into recession in Q3, according to official gross domestic product data published Thursday. Eurozone GDP shrank 0.1% from Q2, a 0.6% year-on-year drop. Germany and France both grew 0.2% quarter-on-quarter, while Italy's economy shrank by 0.2%. Spain's economy also contracted, shrinking 0.3% in the... Read more »

Obama & Bernanke: The Hard Asset Team


Many folks in the gold and silver community write to me, voicing their distaste in the economic and monetary policies of the Obama administration, and in particular, the “monetary easing” conducted by the US Federal Reserve. At surface, I understand—printing money (much like the printing of shares) is like watering... Read more »

Precious Metals Continue to Push Higher


Gold bullion market traded above $1730 an ounce Friday morning in London, having earlier touched a two-week high, while stocks fell and the Dollar and US Treasury bonds gained, with analysts suggesting weak growth and monetary policy are likely to persist. Silver... Read more »

Gold a "Safe Haven"


Gold prices hovered just below $1720 an ounce Thursday morning in London while stocks recovered some ground following losses yesterday, and the Dollar ticked higher, as central banks in the UK and Europe left monetary policy unchanged. "Gold is displaying relative strength and living up to its reputation as a store... Read more »

Obama "Favored" by Commodities Markets


With one day left before the US election, opinion polls show Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are neck and neck. "Obama is clearly 'favored' by the commodities markets," says a note from Commerzbank, "mainly because of his support for Ben Bernanke and the ultra-expansionary monetary policy of the US Fed, [but] any 'disappointment'... Read more »

Doug Casey, Casey Research


Doug Casey is a respected author, publisher and professional investor. He has authored newsletters and alert services for investors for over 28 years. These services have evolved into Casey Research and The Casey Report - a subscription... Read more »

A Romney Win "Bad" for Gold


Gold bullion prices rallied to a one-week high at $1720 an ounce Wednesday morning in London, though they still looked set to record a loss on the month, while European stocks opened higher before losing some ground and US markets prepared to re-open after being closed for two days. ... Read more »

Gold Price "Range-Bound"


Gold prices dropped below $1710 an ounce Monday morning in London, below where they ended last week, after failing to hold onto gains made in Asian trading. Silver prices dropped below $31.80 an ounce, also down from Friday's close. "Gold has been trading lower as it follows the US Dollar appreciation," says Bayram... Read more »

Speculators Blamed for Sell-Off in Gold


Tuesday's fall in the price of gold came amid "a market-wide retreat" said one analyst, with "across-the-board selling by speculators" according to another. Gold bullion traded near 7-week lows for US and UK investors on Wednesday morning,... Read more »

Clean-Out "Positive" For Gold


After Monday's Asian session saw new six-week lows, the Dollar gold price recovered some ground to trade near $1725 an ounce Monday morning in London, while stocks and commodities were broadly flat and US Treasury bonds fell. "Both the weekly and daily charts are pointing for an initial move to $1693," says the... Read more »

Funding for Junior Miners Improving


Small mining companies have enjoyed a decade long commodities boom. But now, many have long spent the monies raised via the equity markets and are struggling to come up with new cash to fund operations. About $400 million was raised through fewer than 30 deals in the spring and summer of 2012, compared with roughly... Read more »

Gold and Silver Continue Correction


Gold bullion prices hovered in a narrow range below $1750 an ounce in Monday morning's London session, after recovering some ground lost during Asian trading. "We traded through lots of stop [losses] this morning," said one trader in Singapore, after gold began the week by dropping more than ten Dollars to $1742... Read more »

MAG Silver - Rated Speculative Buy


This week MAG Silver released the maiden resource estimate for its 100% owned Cinco de Mayo project in Mexico. It indicated contained resources of 52.7 million ounces of silver, 785 million pounds of lead and 1.8 billion pounds of zinc. In response... Read more »

Gold and Silver Hold Gains


Gold prices hovered in a tight range just below $1780 an ounce for most of Tuesday morning in London, just below a new 2012 spot market high touched yesterday following comments from US Federal Reserve policymakers. Silver prices traded... Read more »

Continental Gold - Rated Outperform


Continental Gold released an updated mineral resource estimate for the Yaragua and Veta Sur vein systems at its 100 percent owned Buritica project in Antioquia, Colombia. Undertaken by independent consultants from Mining Associates, the mineral resource estimate at a gold cut-off grade of three grams per tonne Measured... Read more »

Rick Rule, Sprott US Holdings


Rick Rule has dedicated his entire professional career to natural resource investing. In addition to the knowledge and experience gained in a long career as a licensed stock broker and founder of Global Resource Investments Ltd., he has a worldwide network of contacts in the natural resource and finance worlds. In... Read more »

David Morgan, The Morgan Report


The "Silver Guru", David Morgan holds degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering. He is the author of the investment newsletter The Morgan Report, a monthly publication that covers economic news, the currency market and reasons for investing in precious metals and specific mining equities. David Morgan... Read more »

Top Mining Minds


Top Mining Minds is an ongoing editorial and interview series from, the internet's #1 investment website focused exclusively on mining. We connect with some of the world's most successful and influential mining industry magnates. From company builders to company financiers, we feature the mining industry's... Read more »

Gold in Euros Sets New High


Euro gold prices remained close to all-time highs hit yesterday. "The debt crisis in the Eurozone has escalated again," says today's commodities note from Commerzbank. "Gold should therefore remain in high demand as a store of value and alternative currency. Silver has also been pulled upwards in gold's slipstream." Spain... Read more »

Adam Parker: QE3 Inadequate


The Bangles, an American all-female band that originated in the early 1980s, scored several hit singles during the decade. Susanna Hoffs joined sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson and Annette Zilinskas to form the band in Los Angeles. The Bangles and their friendly 80s synthpop sound came to the attention of Prince.... Read more »

Gold and Silver Stocks Best Performers


The Bank of Japan followed suit today and eased monetary policy by boosting its asset-buying program. Prospects of a near-term recovery in the world's third largest economy faded due to weakening exports and what appears to be a prolonged slowdown in Chinese growth. "Japan's domestic demand is still firm," Bank... Read more »

Gold and Silver Defending Gains


The cost of gold dipped below $1770 an ounce during Monday morning trading in London, but remained less than ten Dollars below their six-month high hit last Friday, the day after the US Federal Reserve announced a third round of quantitative easing. Prices for buying silver fell to around $34.50 an ounce this... Read more »

German Court Backs Bailout Fund


The spot market gold price touched a new six-month high at $1746 an ounce Wednesday morning, while stocks and the Euro also rallied following a ruling by Germany's Constitutional Court cleared the way for the creation of a permanent Eurozone... Read more »

Yukon Mining Districts - Part 1


Famous for the Klondike Gold Rush, the Yukon Territory is a barren land with 35,000 inhabitants. Located in Canada's deep north, the Yukon yields an annual three to five month exploration window for mining companies. With summer coming to an end, drill results are pending and many miners are hoping to find the Yukon's... Read more »

Yukon Mining Districts - Part 2


The latest Yukon discoveries to fuel rushes include the Selwyn Basin in 1953, the Finlayson Lake District in 1994 and the White Gold District in 2009. Located in eastern Yukon, the Selwyn Basin is one of the world’s largest underdeveloped lead-zinc districts. The Faro deposit, discovered in 1965, contained a combined... Read more »

Follow Mining Stocks


As an investor in mining stocks it is difficult to stay connected with your investments and the companies on your watch list. Wouldn't it be great if someone designed an email application that sent you daily updates featuring company-specific news and media articles? Well, it is great and it's a free service from... Read more »

Mining Stock Indexes


At MiningFeeds, we are committed to providing mining investors with the best information available on the internet. But we are not just fans of mining, we are also fans of technology. In April, 2012 we launched our unique and proprietary "Mining Stock Indexes". These indexes are connected to the category listings... Read more »

How to Hedge a Bad Market


According to Reuters, this weekend Spain is expected to ask the euro zone for help with recapitalizing its banks. Spain will be the fourth nation in the euro zone to seek a bailout since Europe's debt crisis began. First, Ireland received an 85... Read more »

EU Summit Produces Economic Appetizer


The markets were starving for some positive news, optimism ran high yesterday in hopes the EU Summit in Brussels would produce the required substance to restore confidence in the markets. In the mining sector, some significant rallies occurred while the heads of Europe prepared for dinner. Shares of Geologix Explorations... Read more »

Mexico: 3 Mining Stocks to Watch


According to the Mexican Mining Chamber, in 2010 revenue mining and metallurgical production (US$13.16 billion) surpassed the revenue generation of Mexico's tourism industry and established mining as the country’s second most productive sector after oil and gas. The growth of the sector has led to increased exploration... Read more »

Mining in Mexico: Part 1


Mexico is a major producer of silver, gold and base metals. In addition, the country is also a leading producer of celestite, bismuth, fluorite, cadmium, molybdenum, graphite, and manganese. In the Fraser Institute's most recent Survey... Read more »

Mining in Mexico: Part 2


In 2010, Mexico overtook Peru in silver production, reaching the world’s top position, with 128.6 million ounces produced. Mexico currently ranks 12th in gold production, and many think the country has a strong possibility of ranking among the top five within the next few years. In terms of foreign investors, Canada... Read more »

Upcoming Q2 Mining Milestones


Perhaps we should call this article, "PDAC Revisited". While meeting with mining company executives at the annual Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention in Toronto in March, we wanted to know what was coming up in Q2, 2012? For some companies, it was business as usual, but a number of... Read more »

5 Mining Stocks to Watch in 2012: Part 2


3. Geologix Explorations Inc. (Stock Profile - TSX:GIX & OTC:GIXEF) Perhaps it's finally time for Geologix to change its name. After years of exploration and development the company is getting close to transitioning... Read more »

Metals and Minerals Investment Sector


There is always a sector among the raw materials on the verge of a period of "euphoria". On the chart below, each resource is represented by a company, because the indexes do not exist for all of the individual resources. Notice that, for 10 years, there is always a sector that is in a phase of "boom",... Read more »

Will Mining Stocks Beat the Market?


The past year has been a rough ordeal for nearly every sector of the market, but the metals and mining industry seemed to be battered on all fronts, despite previous run-ups in commodity prices across the board.  As if a stalled economic recovery on a global scale and a debt crisis in Europe were not enough, the industry... Read more »

PDAC 2012 - Mining Milestones in March


After meeting with mining companies for the past two days at the annual PDAC convention in Toronto, we're pleased to present a list of upcoming mining milestones in March. Or shall we say, March/early April as prefaced by many of the executives in attendance at this year's convention. In alphabetical order, here's... Read more »

Gold & Silver Drop as QE3 on Back Burner


Today, the U.S. Commerce Department said the economy grew at a slightly faster pace in the final three months of last year. It expanded at a 3.0 percent annual rate from October to December, the fastest pace since the spring of 2010. The data was slightly ahead of estimates and a full 1.2 percent better that the numbers... Read more »

Silver Stocks & Bullion Gaining Ground


Silver stocks and silver bullion have been on the upswing over the last month - the shiny white metal has tacked on more than 20 percent. Today, the Global X Silver Miners ETF (NYSE:SIL) advanced $0.86, or 3.5%, hitting a high of $24.71 per share before retreating back to the $24.34 mark. Investors may be taking safe... Read more »

Week in Review: Gold, Silver & Base Metals


Canadian fund manager Eric Sprott said this week he was bullish on precious metals and bearish on cyclical commodities like base metals. Sprott said, "I am not bullish on cyclical commodities such as iron ore, coal, steel, lead and zinc because I am worried about this economic contraction that everybody is talking... Read more »

Mining Exploration Up 50% in 2011


According to Metals Economics Group’s (MEG) Corporate Exploration Strategies, the estimated total 2011 budget for nonferrous metals exploration surged to $18.2 billion.... Read more »

Silver and Gold Stocks Paying Dividends


With money markets and Treasuries yielding next to nothing these days, investors are finding income in new places. One area those investors should consider is gold mining. With gold rising in value, mining companies are reaping record profit margins, yet the stock prices are depressed due to lack of investor interest.... Read more »

Movers and Shakers


Here are your "Movers and Shakers" for the week ending September 16th, 2011 on the TSX and TSX-V Exchanges. In no particular order,... Read more »

Silvercorp in the Hot-Seat


The British Columbia Securities Commission said on Friday it's conducting a regulatory investigation into anonymous allegations against Silvercorp Metals... Read more »

Silver production largely dependent on base metals


World production of the gray precious metal rose again in 2010. Silver, unlike gold, has seen production levels increase since 2003. This difference in production between gold and silver is not a coincidence due to geology and the history of their production. World production of silver in 2010 was 713... Read more »

Greece gives way to big Gains


Like most Canadians, the TSX took a break for Canada day celebrations on Friday after posting four consecutive positive days. And to the south, U.S. stocks posted their biggest weekly rally in two years with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising 648 points after Greece took action to avoid default on its debt. “... Read more »

Peru goes to the Polls: 10 Mining Stocks to Watch


A cursory look at Peruvian mining will show you that many of the world's senior mining companies have operations there. The list of majors in the South American county includes Barrick Gold (TSX: ABX), Newmont Mining (TSX: NMC), BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP), Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (NYSE: FCX), and Teck Resources... Read more »

Silver - star performer in early 2011


On April 24th, the price of silver reached nearly $50 an ounce before a hasty retreat to $32.32. Ask some, and silver's impressive move from under $20 an ounce just eight months earlier was a predictable bubble ready to pop. Others, however, say the move was inevitable considering market forces and the devaluation... Read more »

10 Most Interesting Silver Stocks - Part 1


In the early 1970s two brothers from Texas, William Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt, began accumulating silver. By 1979, the pair had effectively cornered the silver market. From September, 1979 to January, 1980 the price of an ounce of silver leapt from $11 to $54. Before the collapse a few months later, it is estimated... Read more »

10 Most Interesting Silver Stocks - Part 2


3. Alexco Resource Corp. (TSX:AXR) Alexco Resource is Canada's newest silver producer.  The company is focused on the Yukon Territory of Northern Canada. Renowned silver bug Sprott Asset Management is a significant shareholder, reportedly... Read more »

10 Most Interesting Silver Stocks – Part 3


What's at the root of silver's volatile ride in 2011? We can't blame it on the Hunt brothers so let's blame it on China. On April 25th, as silver approached record highs, Bloomberg reported that China... Read more »

10 Most Interesting Silver Stocks – Part 4


8. Pan American Silver Corp. (TSX:PAA) Pan American Silver is the world's second-largest primary silver producer and has its sights set on Fresnillo plc, the world's largest primary silver producer and owner of the Fresnillo mine in Mexico. The company has operations in the United States, Mexico, Peru,... Read more »

The ghosts of Bre-X: mining in Indonesia today


On March 19th, 1997 Michael de Guzman, the exploration manager for would-be miner Bre-X, jumped from an Alouette helicopter flying eight-hundred feet above the Indonesian jungle. The official version of the events state that de Guzman was suffering from hepatitis B and a tormented conscience. He left behind a few hastily... Read more »

Sprott still bullish on Silver


Eric Sprott, founder of Toronto-based investment firm Sprott Asset Management, is generally considered to be of Canada's best investment managers. More recently, Sprott has carved out an international reputation as The Canadian Silver Bull. Originally entering the investment industry in 1981 as a research analyst... Read more »

Gold + Silver + Copper + Zinc = Eritrea


Eritrea, a funnel shaped country that borders The Red Sea, was, because of its unstable political history, a bit of a mystery to the international mining community. But an unprecedented... Read more »

Dogs of the downturn: worst performing TSX 60 miners in May


Blink and you may have missed it. If the recent downturn in commodities is coming to an end, as some suggest, it was a brief correction. While the recent slump actually contained the worst week for commodities since the recession of late 2008, many believe it's a mere blip. Hussein Allidina, head of commodity research... Read more »

Great Panther Silver a picture of success


A pretty picture. That's what Vancouver's Great Panther Silver (TSX:GPR), which today reported record earnings and revenue for fiscal 2010, has presented to investors. A few years ago, a pretty picture might just have been the downfall of the company. That's because one of the primary uses of silver,... Read more »

International Northair shines as silver rises


The tortoise and the hare. There's no doubt which is which when you're talking about gold and silver, but the slow steady rise of silver has accelerated to a jackrabbit's pace. Silver is up 113% since the end of 2009, while gold's gain... Read more »



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