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Ounces in the Ground: The Exploration Report for Aug. 29 to Sept. 1


For the week, a total of 33 Canadian-listed companies reported exploration results with 16 having a positive impact, 11 with a negative impact and 6 with no impact on the share prices of the companies. GT Gold Corp. (TSX-V: GTT) is the big... Read more »

Jim Rogers Commodity Fund: July Best Month Since Sept. 2016; Metals Lead


In July, the Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI) had its best month since September, 2016, according to Price Asset Management, a US-based firm that manages a commodity fund based on the RICI index. The index was up 3.13%, slightly ahead of the benchmark Bloomberg Commodity Index (BCOM) which was... Read more »

Uranium Resources Inc., Company Story a lot Stronger, Yet Valuation 60% Lower?


Uranium Resources Inc. “URI” (Nasdaq:URRE) (URI:ASX) has delivered a string of good news, but the Company’s stock is down nearly 60% since the June 2015 announcement of its acquisition of Anatolia Energy. Since Chris M. Jones took the helm as CEO in March 2013, URI has proactively executed a number... Read more »

Uranium Resources, Inc. Past Producer of 8mm lbs. Permitted for 3mm lbs / year in U.S.


Merger of URI & Anatolia Energy almost over the finish line Colorado based Uranium Resources, Inc. “URI” (Nasdaq: URRE) announced that Anatolia Energy shareholders overwhelmingly approved the merger with Anatolia Energy. The expected closing is November 9, 2015. URI shareholders will own... Read more »

Uranium Resources’ Merger with Anatolia Energy a Clear Winner


The following interview of Mr. Christopher Jones, President and CEO of Uranium Resources Inc. (Ticker: URRE) was conducted by phone and email in the week ending August 6, 2015. Uranium Resources (URRE or “URI.”) is a small cap uranium company focused on closing a proposed merger with Anatolia Energy... Read more »

NexGen drills one of the best holes in the history of uranium exploration


Via EnergyandGold.com: Yesterday, a Vancouver-based mineral exploration company drilled one of the best holes in the history of uranium exploration.   NexGen... Read more »

Major Bullish Breakout in Precious Metals and Copper, Two Junior Miners Lead OTCQX in 2014


There are many good signs for a major bullish breakout in the beaten down precious metals, energy and commodity sector which may be bottoming as the general equity, bond market and US dollar appear to have recently topped a couple of months ago. Rising interest rates and the specter of higher inflation with anemic growth... Read more »

India’s Deal with Canada Could Spark Uranium Mining Rebound


For weeks I have been highlighting that the uranium spot price (URPTF) has been outperforming oil and the S&P500 (SPY) in a major way indicating that there were significant catalysts on... Read more »

Fipke, Ulansky take uranium hunt outside the Basin


Chad Ulansky cut his teeth on Ekati, Canada’s first diamond discovery, but it’s uranium that he’s hunting for now in Canada’s frozen North. The Kelowna geologist is president and CEO of Northern Uranium (TSXV:UNO), which is exploring in northwestern Manitoba just... Read more »

The youngest CEO in mining has his eye on uranium


Jordan Trimble, 27 is currently the youngest CEO of any publicly traded mining company. This young dynamo entered the business straight out of university and is now running Skyharbour Resources (SKY.V). Skyharbour is a uranium junior holding a very prospective land position(over... Read more »

Interview with Uranium Expert and Chairman of Azarga Uranium


The following interview with Alex Molyneux, Chairman of Toronto main-board listed Azarga Uranium [AZZ.to] was conducted in the final week of December, 2014. Alex is a leading uranium expert and has been featured in videos online such as on Bloomberg News as well as in numerous online articles. Importantly,... Read more »

Rob Peers: “Uranium to Continue Its Rally Into 2015”


For commodities this year, no news is probably good news. As has been mentioned all too many times, 2014 was not a positive year for gold or silver, or oil and gas for that matter. However, there was an exception to these last lackluster twelve months – positive news has come from the uranium camp. ... Read more »

Azarga Primed to Ride Uranium Revival


Alexander Molyneux grew up with one foot in Australia and the other in Hong Kong, so he had a front-row seat to the rise of Asia and the demand for energy in a rapidly growing world. The nuclear winter brought on by Fukushima and the accompanying flight of capital afforded him the opportunity to get directly involved... Read more »

What You Need to Know about Uranium's Price Breakout


No doubt this has been a tough year for commodities. A bear market like the one gold is experiencing right now hasn’t been seen since 2008. Meanwhile silver has been facing similar doldrums. And let’s not go into oil. Over the past several months, however, a bright light has emerged in the otherwise depressed commodities... Read more »

Anfield Resources Stock Ignored Despite Uranium Price Spike


With the spot uranium price up to $42/lb. according to Tradetech, up about 50%! from its $28/lb. low, investors should take another look at Anfield Resources (ARY.V) and (ANLDF). Many uranium peers are rallying on the substantial spot price move and on news that 2 reactors in Japan are in the process of restarting.... Read more »

Institutional Buying Sends Uranium Miners Soaring


A few days ago I wrote an article entitled “Uranium Spot Price Breaking Out, Junior Uranium Stocks Ready To Bottom?” In the report I said, “There is a lot of buying in the spot market and it should be soon reflected in the performance of the junior uranium miners (URA)… Look for a breakout.” Now only a... Read more »

Junior Uranium Stocks Ready To Bottom?


The commodity equities are selling off as The Fed halts QE3. Commodities, metals and the junior miners are hitting multi year lows and falling below 2008 credit crisis levels. This is not a time to panic but continue to accumulate as the bear market may be reaching the final capitulation stage. This decline may be a... Read more »

Big Canadian uranium find of 2014 just getting started


Of the 15+ compelling stories told at our first ever Subscriber Investment Summit in Vancouver last week, one that stood out was NexGen Energy (NXE:TSXV), which made a rapidly growing Canadian uranium discovery in 2014 at the Arrow Zone. NexGen’s CEO, Leigh Curyer,... Read more »

Uranium Price Creeping Higher on Geopolitical Instability


A few months ago, I believed uranium would bounce off lows and make a powerful move higher. The spot uranium price is beginning a rebound rallying more than $3 per lb over the past few weeks. I alerted my readers to the reality that end users of uranium are concerned about geopolitical stability and are actively... Read more »

Japanese Nuclear Reactors Reigniting Uranium Mining


Summary • Contrarian investors buy uranium stocks when the banks and large miners cut their price targets. • Japan announced that two nuclear reactors were approved for restart. • The Japanese Nuclear Restart could change the negative and bearish sentiment on the uranium mining sector. •... Read more »

Azarga Resources Provides Uranium Platform


The following interview between me, (Peter Epstein), and Alex Molyneux was conducted over the past week over phone and email. Alex Molyneux’s Azarga Resources is proposing to merge with TSX main board listed Powertech Uranium [PWE.TO]. This merger would create a globally diversified, pure-play uranium platform from... Read more »

If Pakistan Needs 32 New Reactors, What's That Say?


The following news item caught my attention. We all know that China, Russia, India and Brazil are deploying a large number of new reactors. England and a few middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE also have BIG plans. But, if a country like Pakistan, has demand for 32 reactors, that says a lot! Not... Read more »

Powertech Uranium to Merge With Azarga Resources


Like many natural resource company stocks, especially uranium stocks, Powertech Uranium [PWE.to] had been stuck near its 52-week low for months. However, when peer uranium juniors started to fly, many now up 100% to 500% from 52-week lows, Powertech’s shares languished. This, despite the fact that... Read more »

Tommy Humphreys - Lukas Lundin Interview


“Did you know you were getting the better end of that deal with Kinross?” I asked Lukas Lundin in his Vancouver office earlier this week. “No No No,” he told me, “we thought it was worth more. You always love your own stuff.” Lukas laughed infectiously. Soon I was laughing along with him. The Lundin... Read more »

Get Rich Discovering a Uranium Mine With Your Dad


Not long ago, Alpha Minerals, formerly ESO Uranium, was a dog of a stock. Trading at just $.02 last October, chances of being able to finance for the Southwest-Athabasca-Region focused uranium explorer looked slim. Backed against a wall, management had no choice but to roll back shares 10:1 and change its name in hopes... Read more »

Tekoa Da Silva - Ross Beaty Interview


I had the great opportunity yesterday to connect with legendary resource developer & financier, Ross Beaty, founder and chairman of the $2.7B Pan American Silver Corp., and executive chairman of Alterra Power Corp. Throughout his 37 year career, Ross has generated an astounding sum of over $4B worth of shareholder... Read more »

2013 Uranium Price Forecast


The uranium industry might finally be on the road to recovery as some expect demand from major energy consumers China and Japan to rise in 2013. "The biggest pressure on price at the moment is not necessarily the downgrade to demand since Fukushima, it's this massive inventory overhang," said... Read more »

Junior Mining Stocks - Buy, Hold or Sell?


As we begin to count down the remaining days in 2012 many investors in junior mining stocks are faced with the same decision - do I sell my shares for a tax loss or do I hold onto hope for 2013? Yes, that is the scope of the carnage in the junior mining markets today. 2012 was, without question, one of the worst... Read more »

Are Mining Stocks Oversold?


A sneaky thing happened over the last five trading days. The major gold mining companies leapt back into oversold territories (when measured against gold), the likes of which are only seen a few times a century.  This summer as many mining analysts pointed out, miners hit their most oversold levels in the last 30 years,... Read more »

Eurozone Enters Recession


The Eurozone fell into recession in Q3, according to official gross domestic product data published Thursday. Eurozone GDP shrank 0.1% from Q2, a 0.6% year-on-year drop. Germany and France both grew 0.2% quarter-on-quarter, while Italy's economy shrank by 0.2%. Spain's economy also contracted, shrinking 0.3% in the... Read more »

Cameco, Other Uranium Producers, Miss Estimates


In what is becoming a familiar message on Bay Street, uranium producers have been consistently missing top line estimates in their most recent quarterly reports. Earnings have also been disappointing. Over the past three weeks, Cameco (Stock Profile - TSX:CCO... Read more »

Uranium Supply and Demand


Under the terms of the 1993 government-to-government nuclear non-proliferation agreement, the United States and Russia agreed to commercially implement a 20 year program to convert 500 metric tons of HEU (uranium 235 enriched to 90 percent) taken from Soviet era warheads, into LEU, low enriched uranium (less than 5... Read more »

Rick Rule, Sprott US Holdings


Rick Rule has dedicated his entire professional career to natural resource investing. In addition to the knowledge and experience gained in a long career as a licensed stock broker and founder of Global Resource Investments Ltd., he has a worldwide network of contacts in the natural resource and finance worlds. In... Read more »

Top Mining Minds


Top Mining Minds is an ongoing editorial and interview series from MiningFeeds.com, the internet's #1 investment website focused exclusively on mining. We connect with some of the world's most successful and influential mining industry magnates. From company builders to company financiers, we feature the mining industry's... Read more »

U.S. Dependent on Foreign Uranium


Recently we sat down with Amir Adnani, CEO of Uranium Energy Corp. (Stock Profile - NYSE MKT:UEC), an American uranium mining company, for a conversation on the nuclear industry eighteen months after the catastrophe at Fukushima which devastated... Read more »

Follow Mining Stocks


As an investor in mining stocks it is difficult to stay connected with your investments and the companies on your watch list. Wouldn't it be great if someone designed an email application that sent you daily updates featuring company-specific news and media articles? Well, it is great and it's a free service from... Read more »

Mining Stock Indexes


At MiningFeeds, we are committed to providing mining investors with the best information available on the internet. But we are not just fans of mining, we are also fans of technology. In April, 2012 we launched our unique and proprietary "Mining Stock Indexes". These indexes are connected to the category listings... Read more »

5 Mining Stocks to Watch in 2012: Part 2


3. Geologix Explorations Inc. (Stock Profile - TSX:GIX & OTC:GIXEF) Perhaps it's finally time for Geologix to change its name. After years of exploration and development the company is getting close to transitioning... Read more »

Will Japan Turn Back to Nuclear Energy?


Japan had plans to construct nine new nuclear power plants by 2020 and at least another 14 by 2030. After Fukushima, Japan’s then Prime Minister Kan advocated replacing nuclear energy with renewables. Kan resigned because of criticism of his handling of the crisis and questions over his energy strategy. Japan's... Read more »

PDAC 2012 - Mining Milestones in March


After meeting with mining companies for the past two days at the annual PDAC convention in Toronto, we're pleased to present a list of upcoming mining milestones in March. Or shall we say, March/early April as prefaced by many of the executives in attendance at this year's convention. In alphabetical order, here's... Read more »

Uranium Stocks - Full of Energy


As we settle into a new year, one sector has demonstrated it's full of energy: uranium. After what was an unequivocal terrible year in 2011, the sentiment towards uranium appears to be changing. In late December, Japanese governor of Aomori, Shingo Mimura announced he approved... Read more »

Uranium Price Forecast 2012


With tax-loss selling in full effect and the equity markets experiencing extreme volatility heading into the Christmas season, we take a look at uranium and the companies involved in the mining and exploration of yellow cake. What do you need to know about uranium? In mid-2007 the price of Uranium reached over (US)... Read more »

Uranium Stocks to Watch in 2012


In what was nothing short of a terrible year for the uranium industry, the end of 2011 will undoubtedly be marked by sighs of relief from uranium mining and exploration professionals around the world. With the sector beaten and bruised from the fall-out of the nuclear reactor crisis in Japan, is it finally time for... Read more »

Russia dominates global uranium markets


When the USSR collapsed Russia inherited over a thousand tons of weapons-grade uranium and a massive nuclear refining and fabricating infrastructure – 40% of world total. During the twenty year Megatons to Megawatts Program Russia will convert 500 tonnes of highly enriched uranium (HEU - uranium 235 enriched to 90... Read more »

Mining Exploration Up 50% in 2011


According to Metals Economics Group’s (MEG) Corporate Exploration Strategies, the estimated total 2011 budget for nonferrous metals exploration surged to $18.2 billion.... Read more »

Top Weekly Gainers


It was another big week in the markets with positive gains across most of the world's major exchanges. The TSX and TSX-V were no exception up 4.1% and 3.7% respectively. But we're not interested in single digit returns, we're taking a look at the top three mining companies that posted the biggest percentage gains this... Read more »

It's official, Cameco wants Hathor


Cameco Corp. (TSX:CCO) officially commenced its $520 million hostile bid for Hathor Exploration Ltd. (TSX:HAT) today. On Friday, Cameco announced that it was planning the hostile bid after discussions concerning a... Read more »

Is Mining in South Africa in Decline?


Last year, political strategist and monetary economist Cedric Muhammad said, "At 29-years old and a base of support among the youth and business... Read more »

Is it time for a uranium sector rebound?


After the worst 3 month period for uranium miners since the 'great recession' is it finally time for a sector rebound? Last week, China reported their trade surplus expanded to $13.05 billion in May and strong imports... Read more »

Uranium One lags peers in sector recovery


The Japanese disaster, now approaching its one month anniversary, continues to be the only topic of discussion for investors in uranium stocks. The spot price of Uranium fell 10%, to $60 per pound immediately after the earthquake... Read more »

What will demand for Cameco's uranium look like, post Japan?


Shares of Saskatchewan's Cameco (TSX:CCO), the world's largest publicly traded uranium company were, predictably, walloped after the Sendai earthquake and tsunami of March 11th. On Monday, March 14th, the first day of trading after the Japanese catastrophe, shares of Cameco were down $4.62 to $31.70.... Read more »



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