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2012 – Mining Sector Activity on the Rise


Metals Economics Group (MEG) Pipeline Activity Index (PAI) increased in November to reach its highest level since March 2011, thanks to another record... Read more »

Is Copper set to Rally in 2012?


History says that government policy shifts can have a tremendous affect on the economy and the markets. While no one can predict the future, you can u... Read more »

2012 – Off to a Bang!


2012 is upon us and it was a good opening week for the both the markets and mining companies alike. On the heels of intense tax-loss selling in Decemb... Read more »

You Can’t Print More Gold


Negative real interest rates occur when the inflationary rate, or CPI, is greater than the current interest rate. A quick account of the G-7 and E-7 c... Read more »

Uranium Price Forecast 2012


Welcome to the December edition of the Highgrade Review. This month’s issue is completely dedicated to uranium mining and exploration companies. Wha... Read more »

Uranium Stocks to Watch in 2012

In what was nothing short of a terrible year for the uranium industry, the end of 2011 will undoubtedly be marked by sighs of relief from uranium mini... Read more »

Russia dominates global uranium markets

When the USSR collapsed Russia inherited over a thousand tons of weapons-grade uranium and a massive nuclear refining and fabricating infrastructure ... Read more »

World’s Largest Miners Like Potash


Major mining companies are looking to enter the potash business, or expand existing operations, as they look for increased demand from developing nati... Read more »

Will China continue to drive resource demand?


At the CLSA AsiaUSA Forum in San Francisco earlier this month, numerous opportunities for U.S. businesses in China were discussed. Factors affecting g... Read more »

Drilling activity continues despite volatile markets


Metals Economics Group Pipeline Activity Index (PAI) increased for the second consecutive month to reach a four-month high in September, driven by imp... Read more »

Mining Exploration Up 50% in 2011


According to Metals Economics Group’s (MEG) Corporate Exploration Strategies, the estimated total 2011 budget for nonferrous metals exploration surg... Read more »

Latin American Gold Production on the Rise


According to a recent mining industry report by Metals Economics Group (MEG), Latin American gold production should increase more than 10% in 2011. Th... Read more »

Anglo American’s Fancy Footwork


ANGLO American’s (LSE:AAL) recent corporate maneouvres have really caught the eye, especially the sale of its 24.5% stake in Anglo American Sur,... Read more »

Silver and Gold Stocks Paying Dividends


With money markets and Treasuries yielding next to nothing these days, investors are finding income in new places. One area those investors should con... Read more »

Potash: Saskatchewan Gold


Higher crop yields are needed in order to feed today’s global population of seven billion so strong fertilizer prices are sustainable. Over the next... Read more »

Are Diamonds an Investor’s Best Friend?


Immortalized in film by screen siren Marilyn Monroe, it's a well known fact that diamonds are a girl's best friend. But are diamonds an investor's bes... Read more »

Five Diamond Stocks to Watch – Part One

In 1969, while working in the Yukon, a geologist named Chuck Fipke needed to be rescued from a mountainside in the Mackenzie mountain range where he ... Read more »

Five Diamond Stocks to Watch – Part Two

3. Lucara Diamond Corp. (TSX:LUC) In March 2011, Lucara Diamond confirmed it was in talks with several companies in the diamond sector, including Gem ... Read more »

European Debt and the Price of Commodities


The ongoing crisis in Europe has not only affected emerging markets, it has also negatively influenced the price of many commodities. UBS states that ... Read more »

Evidence for a Commodities Supercycle


The evidence is mounting that the commodity markets will get back to “normal” after the sovereign debt crisis is resolved and growth from China, I... Read more »

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