Below is an overview of and the various applications which constitute the website. This should help you understand what we do and how our service works.

What are Feeds?

"Feeds" is a term used in the online world to describe the distribution of information. For frequently updated content, the web-feed distribution format provides users with real-time information. Content distributors syndicate web-feeds which, in turn, allows users to access/subscribe to them through various online aggregators.

How does MiningFeeds work?

MiningFeeds has done all the work so you don’t have to. Our developers have written complex algorithms which source and categorize feature articles, news and editorial specific to the mining sector. But that’s not all. We also categorized the information into specific mining subsectors for easy access.

What is a FeatureFeed?

A FeatureFeed is a feature article from MiningFeeds. We review the top events every day and look into the factors that shape the market. Plus, we receive regular feature articles from our contributors. MiningFeeds works with the best international mining publications to provide our users with valued information. Interested in the “5 Most Interesting Diamond Companies”? Visit MiningFeeds – Diamonds – FeatureFeed for the exclusive article.

What is a MediaFeed?

Through complex algorithms, the development team at MiningFeeds extracts relevant mining press articles from around the world and categorizes the data for easy access. Are you interested in stories about potash? Then visit the MiningFeeds – Potash – MediaFeed for the information you want.

What is a PressFeed?

PressFeed is an application developed by MiningFeeds that automatically displays the day’s most relevant news issued by public mining companies. Each day, thousands of news releases are issued by public mining companies. How can an investor interested in silver companies possible find the news that matters? Easy, they are automatically listed in MiningFeeds – Silver – PressFeed.

What is a TwitterFeed?

Social media is the new frontier for news and information. At MiningFeeds, we’ve tapped into Twitter to provide you sector-specific mining tweets through our TwitterFeed. Are you a gold bug? See what other gold bugs are tweeting about right now at MiningFeeds – Gold – TwitterFeed.

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 Daily Gainers

 Lincoln Minerals Limited LML.AX +125.00%
 Golden Cross Resources Ltd. GCR.AX +33.33%
 Casa Minerals Inc. CASA.V +30.00%
 Athena Resources Ltd. AHN.AX +22.22%
 Adavale Resources Limited ADD.AX +22.22%
 Azimut Exploration Inc. AZM.V +21.98%
 New Stratus Energy Inc. NSE.V +21.05%
 Dynasty Gold Corp. DYG.V +18.42%
 Azincourt Energy Corp. AAZ.V +18.18%
 Gladiator Resources Limited GLA.AX +17.65%