Kodiak Copper (TSXV:KDK) has announced a new high-grade gold-silver discovery on surface, being called the “Beyer Zone”. The discovery was made at the company’s 100%-owned MPD copper-gold porphyry project in British Columbia, Canada.

Figure 1: Beyer Zone Trench plan map (air photo) with results. Sampling was conducted over 1 to 2 metre intervals along 35 metres oriented west to east (T-22-016) and 29 metres oriented south to north (T-22-015). See results Table 1 and 2 for trench sampling results and sample locations. Source: Kodiak Copper

The ongoing trenching at the Beyer Zone was part of a regional exploration program aimed at evaluating untested copper-gold targets at the MPD property. This part of the project has been completed in parallel with its full-funded 25,000-metre drill program. The program consists of multiple copper-gold porphyry targets, which the company expects to continue to report results from.

Figure 2: Beyer Zone Trench location map. New high-grade gold-silver discovery is situated 400 m south of the historic Man Zone and central to a gold-in-soil trend identified from Kodiak soil sampling 2019-2021 (background), measuring 2200 metre long (north-south) and 750 metre wide (east-west). Source: Kodiak Copper

Claudia Tornquist, President and CEO of Kodiak, commented in a press release: “The Beyer gold-silver discovery is an exciting new development as it sits within a multi-kilometre, completely untested new gold-in-soil trend. It is remarkable because this is the first time sizable intervals of high-grade gold-silver mineralization have been trenched at the MPD project. Mineralization and alteration are open along strike, making extension of these trenches an obvious follow-up for 2023. The Beyer discovery is a testament to the outstanding prospectivity of the MPD Project and adds new upside and value creation potential for our shareholders.”

Highlights from the discovery are as follows:

  • A 2022 surface sample taken prior to trenching the Beyer Zone assayed 14.15 grams per tonne (“g/t”) gold and 9.40 g/t silver. Figure 1 and Table 1
  • Trench sampling expanded this new surface gold-silver discovery to 3.02 g/t gold and 24.18 g/t silver over 12 metres, including 5.29 g/t gold and 27.70 g/t silver over 2 metres in north-south Trench 22-015. Figure 1 and Table 1
  • Trench sampling east-west also assayed 9.11 g/t gold and 24.00 g/t silver over 2 metres, with a parallel zone 8 metres west assaying 2.60 g/t gold and 10.10 g/t silver over 2 metres in Trench 22-016. Figure 1 and Table 1
  • Approximately 14 metres of hydrothermally altered and mineralized rock has been exposed in the two trenches excavated to date, which remains open to extension. Figure 3
  • The Beyer Zone discovery was made within a 2.2 kilometre long, 750 metre wide gold-in-soil corridor discovered during Kodiak’s 2019 and 2021 soil sampling. Figure 2
  • Trenching at the Beyer Zone followed up gold-in-soil anomalies and a chip sample previously reported by Kodiak that assayed 11.75 g/t and 42.5 g/t silver over 2.3 metres. See news releases dated August 29, 2019 and February 3, 2022.
  • The Beyer alteration zone hosting gold and silver mineralization contains elevated pathfinder elements such as arsenic, antimony, bismuth, and tellurium, which can be used for geochemical vectoring and new target generation across the MPD property.
  • Extensive drilling at the nearby Gate and Man zones have demonstrated a close association between shallow bedrock mineralization and soil geochemistry. As such, the 2.2 kilometre by 750 metre gold-in-soil trend hosting the Beyer Zone is not expected to be primarily caused by glacial transport.
  • The Beyer Zone is slated for additional trenching and drilling as part of the 2023 program.
Figures 3: Beyer Zone Trenching. Source: Kodiak Copper
Figures 3: Beyer Zone Trenching. Source: Kodiak Copper

Table 1: Weighted assay intervals for 2022 Beyer Zone trench results; grab samples, trenches T-22-016 (west to east) and T-22-015 (south to north). See Figure 1

ID From (m) To (m) Interval (m)* Au g/t Ag g/t
137084     Grab 14.15 9.4
137083     Grab 2.83 27.1
TRENCH-22-016 18 22 4 2.47 7.9
includes 18 20 2 9.11 24
and 8 10 2 2.6 10.1
TRENCH-22-015 14 26 12 3.02 24.18
Includes 20 24 4 4.7 30.45
Includes 22 24 2 5.29 27.7

*Sample intervals are 1 to 2 metre trench chip samples. Trench data to date is insufficient to determine true width or orientation of mineralisation.

Table 2: 2022 MPD Beyer Zone Trench Location Information (UTM Z10)

Trench ID Start Easting Start Northing End Easting End Northing Orientation Zone Reported
137083 681400 5513438     Grab Beyer Zone Dec 5, 2022
137084 681400 5513438     Grab Beyer Zone Dec 5, 2022
T-22-015 681396 5513423 681399 5513451 S-N Beyer Zone Dec 5, 2022
T-22-016 681377 5513444 681413 5513440 W-E Beyer Zone Dec 5, 2022


The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a licensed professional for investment advice. The author is not an insider or shareholder of any of the companies mentioned above.

Kodiak Copper (TSXV:KDK) has reported new results for five drill holes at its 25,000-metre drill program at its 100%-owned MPD copper-gold project in British Columbia. The goal of the company’s initial efforts in 2022 was to establish a mining infrastructure, including route development and stockpiling at Gate. The company also worked on developing a mining operation at the site. Drilling on the Gate Zone and nearby look-alike geophysical are underway, with plans for additional drilling in 2022. Drilling revealed new high-grade copper-gold-silver intersections along a 170-meter gap at the Gate end, infilling an existing void. In addition, drill testing geophysical anomalies northeast of Gate has identified a 400-meter long parallel mineralized pattern in the Prime Zone.

Figure 1: Plan map showing all Kodiak drilling and new 2022 assay results (yellow trace). Background is historic copper-in soil data. Porphyry mineralization at Gate has been traced down to 900 m depth, across a width of 350 m (east-west) and over 1 km in length (north-south). The new Prime Zone trend has been drilled down to 550 m depth, across 200 m width (east-west) and over 400 m length (north-south). Source: Kodiak Copper Corp.

Kodiak’s primary focus are its 100% owned copper porphyry projects located in Canada and the USA. The company’s most promising asset is the MPD copper-gold porphyry project situated in the productive Quesnel Trough in south-central British Columbia, Canada. MPD meets all qualifications of a large, multi-centred porphyry system.

Kodiak made the Gate Zone discovery of mineralization with a wide margin, and MPD holds several other targets that are similar and have the potential to be discovered. Kodiak also possesses the Mohave copper-molybdenum-silver porphyry project in Arizona, USA which is located near Bagdad mine. Both of Kodiak’s porphyry projects have historical drilling, as well as present known mineral discoveries that could possibly lead to large-scale deposits.

Claudia Tornquist, President and CEO of Kodiak commented in a press release: “The Gate Zone has delivered further impressive drill intercepts as we continue to increase the size of mineralized envelope which now extends to a kilometer in north-south direction and a depth of 900 metres. We also commenced testing geophysical targets with coincident copper-in-soil signatures in the wider area around the Gate Zone and are pleased that we were able to delineate a parallel mineralized trend at the Prime Zone. This new mineralized trend crystalizes further size potential and validates our model of a large multi-centric porphyry system at MPD. The Company has now expanded its exploration efforts to other high-priority areas like as Dillard and Man and we look forward to this next promising phase of work which should lead to more new discoveries like Gate and Prime across the 147 square kilometre MPD Project area.

Highlights from the results are as follows:

  • New drill holes MPD 22-006, MPD-22-008 and MPD-22-05 at the southern end of Gate encountered significant chalcopyrite +/- bornite mineralized intervals, infilling 170 metres of strike and extending the Gate Zone by an additional 50 metres to 900 metres depth. The Gate Zone remains open to depth. Figure 1 and 2
  • MPD-22-006 intersected 117 metres of 0.69% Cu, 0.46 g/t Au and 2.22 g/t Ag (1.03% CuEq) within 735.4 metres of 0.24% Cu, 0.14 g/t Au and 0.71 g/t Ag (0.34% CuEq). Table 1, Figures 2 and 4
  • MPD-22-008 intersected 59.9 metres of 0.33% Cu, 0.25 g/t Au and 1.77 g/t Ag (0.52% CuEq) within 585 metres of 0.18% Cu, 0.09 g/t Au and 0.71 g/t Ag (0.25% CuEq). Table 1, Figure 2
  • MPD-22-005 extended the Gate Zone mineralization to depth and intersected 190.2 metres of 0.19% Cu, 0.12 g/t Au and 1.07 g/t Ag (0.29% CuEq) within 715.2 metres of 0.13% Cu, 0.07 g/t Au and 0.65 g/t Ag (0.19% CuEq). Table 1 Figure 2
  • Drilling continues to demonstrate a strong correlation between coincident copper-in-soil anomalies and underlying bedrock copper mineralization, with new copper mineralization discovered adjacent to the Gate Zone at the Prime target. This confirmation is important as new, compelling copper-in-soil targets with coincident geophysical signatures similar to the Gate Zone will be tested by Kodiak through its ongoing, fully-funded drill program in 2022 and 2023. Targets include Dillard, Man, Blue and the 1516 Zones.
  • Holes MPD-22-013 and MPD-22-017 intersected a new mineralized trend northeast of, and adjacent to Gate now called the Prime Zone. When combined with historic work, drilling at Prime has identified porphyry-related alteration and copper-gold-silver mineralization over 200 metres width, with 400 metres of strike and down to 550 metres depth.
  • MPD-22-013 intersected 180 metres of 0.15% Cu, 0.10 g/t Au and 0.61 g/t Ag (0.22% CuEq) within 330 metres of 0.11% Cu, 0.09 g/t Au and 0.55 g/t Ag (0.17% CuEq). Table 1, Figure 3
  • MPD-22-017 intersected 183 metres of 0.16% Cu, 0.07 g/t Au and 0.76 g/t Ag (0.21% CuEq). A second, deeper interval extended into the Gate Zone at 764 meters depth, with 96 metres of assaying 0.28% Cu, 0.14 g/t Au and 0.81 g/t Ag (0.38% CuEq). Table 1, Figure 3
  • The extension of the Gate Zone and delineation of the new Prime Zone confirm that recent 3D Induced Polarization (3D IP) surveys are an effective tool for targeting host geology and discovering prospective porphyritic mineralization on the MPD Project. Further work to extend both the Gate and Prime Zones is warranted.

Holes MPD-22-005, 006 and 008 were drilled at various azimuths and inclinations from two pads at the south end of Gate. These holes infilled a 170 metre gap between previous set-ups, while investigating higher grade mineralization and the correlation with 3D IP responses down dip to the east.

Figure 2: Gate Zone north-south long section at 681400mE. See results Table 1 for new drill infill holes MPD-22-005, MPD-22-006, and MPD-22-008. Source: Kodiak Copper Corp.

Holes MPD-22-013 and MPD-22-017 were drilled westward from sites 400 metres east of the Gate Zone. These holes were drilled to test 3D IP responses at depth and along strike of trenches and shallow drilling on historic Prime claims. New drilling confirmed the continuation of significant copper-gold mineralisation plunging south and dipping to the east, similar to Gate. This trend is called the “Prime Zone” and when combined with previous work, measures 200 metres wide (east-west), with over 400 metres of strike (north-south) and has been drilled down to 550 metres depth. Hole MPD-22-017 continued drilling westward past the Prime Zone and intersected the Gate Zone at 764 meters depth, ending in mineralization at 860 metres downhole.


The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a licensed professional for investment advice. The author is not an insider or shareholder of any of the companies mentioned above.

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