FIGURE 1. Deposit-scale plan map of Rowan Mine Target area showing traces and intercepts for holes highlighted in this News Release. Source: West Red Lake Gold Mines

West Red Lake Gold Mines (TSXV:WRLG) recently announced significant results from their drilling operations at the Rowan Property, located in the Red Lake Gold District in Northwestern Ontario. The property, wholly owned by the company, has been a focal point of its exploration activities.

Shane Williams, President & CEO, commented in a press release: “With this latest round of Rowan drill results, we have now successfully extended mineralization in the high-grade East Zone down to a vertical depth of 490m. If the Red Lake District has taught us anything, it’s that these zones can continue to depths exceeding 4km when the structural and geologic conditions are right. The Rowan Mine target has consistently demonstrated it has what it takes to produce high-grade gold intercepts over significant widths, and we look forward to continuing to drill and grow this exceptional resource along strike and at depth.”

In their latest update, West Red Lake Gold Mines highlighted the outcomes from two specific drill holes, RLG-23-171 and RLG-23-172. These holes are notable for being the deepest so far to intercept Vein 101 in the East Zone, a high-grade ore chute. This chute has been traced over an impressive length of 250 meters and reached a vertical depth of 490 meters from the surface, with indications that it extends further.

An intriguing discovery was made with Hole RLG-23-171, which intersected a new vein, running parallel and south of the established Rowan vein system. This vein showed a gold content of 19.82 grams per tonne (g/t) over a length of 0.8 meters, suggesting potential for further discoveries in the area.

Additionally, the company reported high-grade intercepts in Hole RLG-23-168, located outside the mineral resource domains defined in December 2022. This finding points to the potential for expanding the resource along the west.

The Rowan Mine Target, where these findings were made, has continued to deliver results that exceed initial expectations. These results not only align with the geological models but also enhance the known high-grade Inferred Mineral Resource at the site, which currently stands at 827,462 ounces of gold at an average grade of 9.2 g/t.

So far in 2023, West Red Lake Gold Mines has completed 52 diamond drill holes covering 18,990 meters at the Rowan Mine target. Out of these, assay results for 45 holes have been received, with one hole partially assayed and six awaiting results and quality control checks.

The Rowan Mine Target is characterized by more than seven sub-parallel, near-vertical veins extending over approximately 1.1 kilometres. These veins follow the east-west direction of D2 deformation and are typically 1.0 to 1.5 meters thick. The entire Rowan vein corridor is about 115 meters thick. Gold mineralization is primarily found within quartz-carbonate veins along the footwall margin of a porphyritic felsic intrusive. The presence of visible gold and base metal sulphides, like galena and sphalerite, often indicates higher gold grades.

The drilling campaign in 2023 has focused on verifying historical data and filling gaps in the analytical data from previous selective sampling techniques. The results so far reaffirm the presence of gold mineralization at depth and along the strike, with grades consistent or exceeding those in the current Inferred Mineral Resource. Notably, recent drilling in the 100 Vein Zone, previously considered lower grade, has revealed higher gold grades at deeper levels, a trend observed in other parts of the Red Lake district. The ongoing drilling at the Rowan Mine Target aims to further delineate and expand the high-grade mineral resource.

FIGURE 2. Rowan Mine drill section showing assay highlights for Holes RLG-23-167 and -168[1]. Source: West Red Lake Gold Mines
Highlights from the results are as follows:

  • Hole RLG-23-171 Intersected 2.4m @ 10.92 g/t Au, from 562.35m to 564.75m, Including 0.5m @ 48.30 g/t Au, from 564.25m to 564.75m; and 0.8m @ 19.82 g/t Au, from 147.2m to 148m.
  • Hole RLG-23-172 Intersected 2.15m @ 11.07 g/t Au, from 443.60m to 445.75m, Including 0.5m @ 45.90 g/t Au, from 444.70m to 445.20m.
  • Hole RLG-23-168 Intersected 0.5m @ 38.15 g/t Au, from 229.75m to 230.25m

TABLE 1. Significant intercepts (>3 g/t Au) from drilling at Rowan Mine Target.

Hole ID Target Zone From (m) To (m) Thick (m)* Au (g/t)
RLG-23-167 Rowan Mine V102 (hw) 170.00 174.00 4.00 3.41
Incl. Rowan Mine 170.00 171.10 1.10 6.60
AND Rowan Mine V102 180.30 180.80 0.50 12.18
AND Rowan Mine V100 267.00 267.50 0.50 5.76
RLG-23-168 Rowan Mine V103 125.40 126.00 0.60 3.30
AND Rowan Mine V102 (hw) 154.50 155.05 0.55 4.39
AND Rowan Mine V101 229.75 230.25 0.50 38.15
AND Rowan Mine V100 253.00 253.50 0.50 6.44
RLG-23-170 Rowan Mine V103 (fw) 318.00 319.00 1.00 4.45
AND Rowan Mine V102 370.00 372.00 2.00 3.66
Incl. Rowan Mine 370.00 371.00 1.00 6.78
AND Rowan Mine V101 469.00 471.00 2.00 5.64
Incl. Rowan Mine 470.00 471.00 1.00 9.13
RLG-23-171 Rowan Mine NEW 147.20 148.00 0.80 19.82
AND Rowan Mine V103 370.50 372.00 1.50 3.77
Incl. Rowan Mine 371.00 372.00 1.00 5.27
AND Rowan Mine V102 440.00 444.00 4.00 3.93
Incl. Rowan Mine 442.00 442.50 0.50 10.74
AND Rowan Mine V101 562.35 564.75 2.40 10.92
Incl. Rowan Mine 564.25 564.75 0.50 48.30
AND Rowan Mine V100 (fw) 582.00 582.50 0.50 4.42
RLG-23-172 Rowan Mine V103 (fw) 443.60 445.75 2.15 11.07
Incl. Rowan Mine 444.70 445.20 0.50 45.90
AND Rowan Mine V101 602.35 602.85 0.50 6.28

*The “From-To” intervals in Table 1 are denoting overall downhole length of the intercept. True thickness has not been calculated for these intercepts but is expected to be ≥ 60% of downhole thickness based on intercept angles observed in the drill core. Under ‘Zone’ column, (hw) is indicating ‘hanging wall to’ and (fw) is indicating ‘footwall to’ main vein zones.

FIGURE 3. Rowan Mine drill section showing assay highlights for Holes RLG-23-170, -171 and -172[1]. Source: West Red Lake Gold Mines
FIGURE 4. Rowan Mine longitudinal section for Vein 101 showing 2023 intercepts > 3 g/t Au. Assay highlights from current press release shown in red[1]. Source: West Red Lake Gold Mines
FIGURE 5. Rowan Mine longitudinal section for Vein 102 showing 2023 intercepts > 3 g/t Au. Assay highlights from current press release shown in red[1]. Source: West Red Lake Gold Mines
FIGURE 6. Rowan Mine longitudinal section for Vein 103 showing 2023 intercepts > 3 g/t Au. Assay highlights from current press release shown in red[1]. Source: West Red Lake Gold Mines
TABLE 2: Drill collar summary for holes reported in this News Release.

Hole ID Target Easting Northing Elev (m) Length (m) Azimuth Dip
RLG-23-167 Rowan Mine 422019 5657795 367 312 350 -50
RLG-23-168 Rowan Mine 422019 5657795 367 312 348 -45
RLG-23-170 Rowan Mine 422110 5657700 386 555 353 -59
RLG-23-171 Rowan Mine 422110 5657700 386 600 353 -67
RLG-23-172 Rowan Mine 422143 5657654 378 712 356 -66




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