Clive Johnson of B2Gold makes a fool of himself, again

According to a report on IncaKolaNews Clive Johnson, CEO of B2Gold has been involved in yet another incident where he let his apparent drinking problem and anger get the better of him.  The scene of the incident was the BMO Global Metals and Mining Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Apparently, during the day, in front of some other people, a female investor attending the BMO conference asked Clive a series of questions that made him uncomfortable.  This is to be expected from the investment audience given the performance of the stock over the past 5 years: B2Gold.

Apparently Clive did not enjoy this line of questioning and being embarrassed in front of his peers, especially from a woman.  However, despite looking very agitated and annoyed there were no further incidents at the event.

Clive Johnson of B2Gold terrorizing conference attendees with usual drunken behaviour

Fast forward a few hours to the open bar party held that evening.  Clive, being near a bar where alcohol is served, had naturally drank way too many double vodka waters.  And by other accounts was drunk and erratic.

Now we cut to IKN who told it beautifully:

On recognizing his interrogator of earlier that day he started to berate her, first among his small group but after a little while and as these things happen at informal gatherings, the two groups came into close proximity and then the fun really began. The Clive decided that his massive ego had been damaged and started verbally abusing his victim in front of everyone, loudly aggressively and drunkenly. The victim of this abuse was obviously upset by all this, but that didn’t stop The Clive, who went on and on until, and it must be said very gallantly under the circumstances, Andrew Kaip stepped in and tried to calm things down by talking to The Clive. The reaction was all-too predictable as the drunk and boorish Johnson turned his bullying manner onto Kaip with use of such wonderful phrases as….
 “No one talks to me in that f__king way, I founded this f__king company, I’m a f__king CEO”
…and that is a direct quote from one of the unsolicited mails IKN received that was backed up by another, separate eyewitness. Fortunately Kaip is a gentleman and smart, so he didn’t stoop to The Clive’s level and remained calm and dignified. Those present have all said that Kaip’s actions, rather brave under the circumstances and considering The Clive’s previous violent history in these sorts of moments, saved things from getting a lot worse.
Not all bad news for Clive, at least this time he didn’t get knocked on his back with a punch to the face.
The questions that come to mind are:
  • Is there any minimum standard for how public company mining CEOs should behave in public?
  • If Clive Johnson has a drinking and aggressiveness problem this bad, should he perhaps be focused on his own health, not running a public company?

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