Noront Board Recommends Wyloo Metals’ Superior Offer

PERTH, Australia, Dec. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wyloo Metals Pty Ltd (“Wyloo Metals”) has reached an agreement with the Board of Directors of Noront Resources Ltd. (TSXV: NOT, “Noront”), which has unanimously determined that the Wyloo Metals offer (the “Revised Wyloo Offer”) is superior to the offer previously made by BHP Western Mining Resources International Pty Ltd (“BHP”).

Pursuant to a statutory Plan of Arrangement under the Business Corporation Act (Ontario), each Noront shareholder will be given the option of (i) continuing to participate in Noront’s unrealized potential by remaining as a shareholder, and (ii) accepting cash consideration of Cdn$1.10 per share for some or all of their shares.

Commenting on the Revised Wyloo Offer, Head of Wyloo Metals Luca Giacovazzi said he’s excited to invite shareholders to join Wyloo Metals in revitalising Noront under the leadership of a world-class Board of Directors led by Dr. Andrew Forrest AO, who led Fortescue Metals Group from a junior mining exploration company to one of the world’s largest mining companies with a market capitalisation of approximately A$60 billion.

“This is an exciting time to be an investor in future facing metal projects. Battery and hydrogen technologies are unleashing the full potential of renewable energy and the supply of critical metals simply isn’t keeping up. This is the greatest shift in the global economy since the industrial revolution.

The Ring of Fire is home to expansive deposits of these metals, making this a once-in-a-generation opportunity to be part of the green revolution. Working hand-in-hand with First Nation and regional partners, we’ll develop the Ring of Fire into one of Ontario’s great mineral districts that will be pivotal in the world’s transition to a lower carbon future.”

Luca Giacovazzi, Head of Wyloo Metals


True optionality for Noront shareholders

Rather than forcing an all-or-nothing outcome upon Noront shareholders, the Revised Wyloo Offer is a flexible proposal that allows shareholders to elect their preferred level of retained exposure to the immense future value of the Ring of Fire, while also providing an option to crystallize immediate cash value.

A superior offer price

Consideration of Cdn$1.10 in cash per share represents a 47% premium to the BHP offer of Cdn$0.75 in cash per share.

Greater deal certainty

Noront shareholders holding an aggregate of 10.3% of Noront’s common shares on a fully diluted basis, including certain Noront directors and senior management, will enter into lock-up agreements under which they agree to vote in support of the Plan of Arrangement. Together with Wyloo Metals, holders of 45.7% of Noront’s common shares on a fully diluted basis are supportive of the Revised Wyloo Offer.

Wyloo Metals does not intend to support any alternate offers for Noront. Without the support of Wyloo Metals’ 37.2% direct interest in Noront, a competing plan of arrangement cannot be successful, and a competing take-over bid will be unlikely to meet any minimum tender condition.

A world-class Board of Directors and re-energised strategy

Noront will be revitalized under the leadership of a new Board of Directors, featuring some of the world’s most experienced mining leaders. Under the stewardship of the new Board of Directors, Noront will be developed in respectful consultation with First Nation communities and regional stakeholders, with an unrelenting focus on sustainable development and generating local economic opportunity.


Noront shareholders do not need to take any action.

The Wyloo Offer is subject to BHP’s right to match period of five business days. If BHP does not exercise its right to match, Wyloo Metals and Noront will immediately enter into an Arrangement Agreement.

Following this, Noront shareholders will be provided with information in advance of a Special Meeting of Shareholders to vote on the Plan of Arrangement and subsequently make their elections regarding the transaction consideration.

Completion of the Wyloo Offer, which will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Arrangement Agreement, is expected to occur in March/April 2022.


Wyloo Metals has engaged Maxit Capital LP to act as its financial advisor and McCarthy Tétrault LLP to act as its legal advisor. Shorecrest Group has also been engaged to act as Wyloo Metals’ strategic communications advisor and proxy solicitation and information agent.



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Wyloo Metals is the metals and mining subsidiary of Tattarang, one of Australia’s largest private investment groups. Led by a multidisciplinary team of geologists, engineers and financial professionals, Wyloo Metals manages a diverse portfolio of exploration and development projects and cornerstone interests in a number of public and private companies. Wyloo Metals seeks to work closely with all stakeholders to accelerate projects through the development cycle while meeting the highest international environmental, social and governance standards. See more at:

Wyloo Canada Holdings Pty Ltd (“Wyloo Canada”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Wyloo Metals, currently holds an aggregate of 208,434,427 common shares of Noront, representing approximately 37.2% of the outstanding common shares of Noront. Wyloo Canada also holds warrants (“Noront Warrants”) to acquire 1,774,664 common shares of Noront at an exercise price of Cdn$0.35 per share. If the Noront Warrants are also fully exercised, Wyloo Canada would hold 210,209,091 common shares of Noront, representing approximately 37.4% of the outstanding common shares of Noront on a partially diluted basis.


Some of the statements in this press release may be forward looking statements or statements of future expectations based on currently available information. Such statements are naturally subject to risks and uncertainties. Factors such as the development of general economic conditions, future market conditions, unusual catastrophic loss events, changes in the capital markets and other circumstances may cause the actual events or results to be materially different from those anticipated by such statements. Wyloo Metals does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or updated status of such statements. Therefore, in no case whatsoever will Wyloo Metals and its affiliate companies be liable to anyone for any decision made or action taken in connection with the information and/or statements in this press release or for any related damages.

Matt Earle

Matthew Earle is the Founder of MiningFeeds. In 2005, Matt founded to provide data and information to the mining investment community. This site was merged with Highgrade Review to form MiningFeeds. Matt has a B.Sc. degree with a minor in geology from the University of Toronto.

By Matt Earle

Matthew Earle is the Founder of MiningFeeds. In 2005, Matt founded to provide data and information to the mining investment community. This site was merged with Highgrade Review to form MiningFeeds. Matt has a B.Sc. degree with a minor in geology from the University of Toronto.

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