Richard Coglon on the Sino-Pacific Trading Company

Richard Coglon speaks about his new business venture with Sino-Pacific Trading Company.

Late last year, Sino-Pacific Trading Group emerged as a major player in the trading and logistics sector.  This Hong Kong based agency is focused on acquisition and investment opportunities in the mining resource sector as well as sourcing, acquiring, and importing petroleum related products into mainland China.

We sat down with principal and Director/Vice President Richard Coglon to learn more about his company and the services it provides.

1.      Tell us a bit about the mission of Sino-Pacific Trading.

Our mission at Sino Pacific is to provide efficient logistical investment, procurement, and import support for our clients. Our turn-key oriented strategy enables our clients to attain their acquisition or investment quickly and efficiently, proving them with a steady and secure supply chain of the required products.

2.      So Sino-Pacific aids in the investment and acquisition of mining and petrochemical rights, is that correct?

At the simplest level, yes, that’s what we do. More specifically, we’re an end-to-end service for our clients. We take a lead role in helping them identify potential investment or acquisition opportunities. We then provide due diligence and investment or procurement strategy solutions – be it as a buying agent or an investment conduit. For example, as it relates to mining, we direct clients to production companies that require strategic investment to expand existing resource potential and production. We also seek out, and direct our clients to near-term production companies that require capital and expertise to bring their high value, and proven resource assets into production.

3.      You match investors with potential investments?

That’s right, but Sino-Pacific takes it a step – or a couple of steps – further. The Board and Management have many, many years of experience in the mining and petrochemical sector. With that experience comes access to highly-qualified, third-party advisors who have the expertise and management capabilities to aid in contract negotiations, Letters of Intent, requirements (ICPO, FCO), review (final SPA), execution, and implementation. Sino-Pacific also assists clients by providing all necessary investment and payment arrangements, purchasing logistics, import permits, and inspections (at both the loading and discharge port). So we really are an end-to-end service.

4.      Give us an idea of your client base.

Right now, our clients are primarily China-based companies varying in size from mid-tier private-sector entities to large, state-owned companies and the entities through which they operate.

5.      Describe Sino-Pacific’s outlook for the future.

Like any new enterprise, it will take time to build the contacts and client base that will allow us to become a leading and respected commodity trading company. Our goal, however, is to be a niche player in the sector focused on high-value contracts with credible and capable end buyers. With the management team we have in place – and their commitment to success – I feel we have a very good chance of becoming a top-tier player in this sector in a very short time.

6.      How did you become involved with Sino-Pacific?

Through my commodities and venture capital experience in Canada and the United States, I became acquainted with some respected international businessmen who fostered in me a more international focus – particularly Asia, China, and surrounding markets. With this new view, I began to appreciate how small our local markets are compared to what is happening in other major trading centres. After some four years of building relationships and gaining an understanding of the Chinese business mindset, I was privileged to get involved with Sino-Pacific in its early stages of development. It is this company and its initiatives that will become one of my primary business undertaking or many years to come.

7.      Thank you for your time!

You’re very welcome.

Mike Luft

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