Aerial view of Corral Copper Project. Source: Intrepid Metals Corp.

Mark Morabito, a seasoned investor and developer in the mining industry, is no stranger to identifying and seizing opportunities. From Labrador’s boreal forests to Arizona’s deserts, Morabito’s journey in mining and resource development spans over two decades. As CEO of King & Bay and head of several other public and private companies, he has led the charge on some of the most successful ventures in the sector. Now, as the founder of Intrepid Metals Corp., (TSXV:INTR) Morabito’s sights are set on the Corral Copper and Silver project in the Tombstone area of southwest Arizona.

A Foundational Career

Mark Morabito’s career began as a corporate finance and securities lawyer in Toronto and Vancouver. After eight years of tireless work, he transitioned to the client side, amassing a background in merchant banking, corporate development, and junior mining. His business acumen and talent for recognizing opportunities allowed him to create and lead multiple resource development companies. At Alderon Iron Ore, for example, Morabito’s expertise in negotiation and trailblazing secured a $400 million agreement with HBIS Group, China’s largest steel producer at the time.

As the founder of King & Bay, a merchant bank and public company services provider, Mark Morabito has focused on identifying, funding, developing, and managing business opportunities within and beyond the mining sector. To date, he has raised over US$1 billion in his career. With Intrepid Metals, Morabito aims to leverage his experience and track record to make a significant impact on the copper and silver mining landscape in Arizona.

An Intrepid Endeavour

Intrepid Metals Corp.’s (TSXV:INTR) Corral Copper Project is an advanced exploration and development opportunity in Cochise County, Arizona, offering an impressive land package of over 8,500 acres (more than 13 square miles) of mineral rights. The region has a rich mining history dating back to the late 1800s and is well-positioned for an ESG-focused future. With access to excellent infrastructure, a skilled local workforce, and tier-one mining jurisdiction status, Arizona presents an ideal environment for Intrepid Metals to thrive.

Despite the challenges of fragmented land ownership and commercial disputes in the region, Intrepid Metals has consolidated key land positions and forged positive relationships with local stakeholders. Leveraging over 50,000 meters of historical drilling data and modern exploration techniques, the company is well-equipped to move the Corral Copper Project toward the development stage and feasibility level studies.

Intrepid Metals Corp.’s Corral Copper Project offers considerable potential from a mining perspective. The project is characterized by near-surface mineralization of copper, silver, zinc, and gold, with a 2km trend of mineralized material. The district itself has a long history of small-scale mining, with over 48 million pounds of copper produced at grades up to 9.2% based on historical reports.

To date, the company has consolidated a robust land package of over 8,500 acres, including over 1,700 acres of patented mining claims and surface rights. This consolidation has allowed Intrepid to access drill logs and analytical data, providing valuable insights into the region’s geological makeup. The company has also acquired Anglo American’s data package, which identified carbonate replacement deposits and porphyry copper targets in the district.

Intrepid Metals Corp. is also committed to responsible development and utilizing modern exploration techniques in conjunction with historical data. The company’s approach to the Corral Copper Project is comprehensive, with a focus on creating geological interpretations and identifying new target areas. 

Making Strides in Arizona’s Mining Landscape

Leading the way, Intrepid Metals’ management team is composed of experienced professionals with a proven track record of value creation. The company has ambitious plans this year for the Corral Copper Project, including a 30-hole drill program and up to 6,000 meters of drilling. This initiative aims to confirm historical data, extend the depth and projection of mineralization, and explore untested areas within the mineralized trend.

Drawing from Mark Morabito’s extensive experience and proven track record in resource development, the company is making major strides in Arizona’s mining landscape. With a strong foundation in place and a clear vision for the future, Intrepid Metals is well-positioned to deliver substantial value to its stakeholders and the broader mining industry with a captain at the helm who has charted the course from exploration to development, to unlocking full project potential time and time again. 




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