The Del Toro Silver mine operated by First Majestic.

Mining companies have responsibilities. They need to produce, explore, acquire, and generate value for shareholders all while being responsible in the way they conduct their business. First Majestic Silver Corp. has put together an operation that fulfills all of its promises, and coordinates their projects with a sense of responsibility to the communities they operate in, and the countries hosting their work. The company has accomplished that by winning the 2021 Socially Responsible Business Distinction Award for all three of its mines in Mexico.

Primero Mexico

First Majestic’s recent news of the Jerritt Canyon Gold Mine in Nevada is taking up a lot of bandwidth in the industry, as the company has gained an important stake in the production at the mine. While this will be watched closely through 2021, the company’s operations in Mexico are also starting the year off on the right foot. 

First Majestic operates three mines in Mexico with the San Dimas Silver/Gold Mine, Santa Elena Silver/Gold Mine, and La Encantada Silver Mine. Located in the states of Durango, Sonora, and Coahuila, respectively, the mines have been steadfast producers for the company, and have received this award more than a few times before. The San Dimas operation received the Award for the tenth consecutive year. The company isn’t just cleaning up to look good; this is the modus operandi at First Majestic. They have proven that they are fully committed to putting Mexico first while balancing their other responsibilities to shareholders.

A Top-Down Culture

Keith Neumayer, President and CEO of First Majestic, has accomplished something year after year that most companies are only striving for, commenting: “I am proud of First Majestic’s commitment to positive and long-lasting impact across the communities where we work. Social management is a core tenet of the company and it is continually ingrained in our operations. Being recognized by CEMEFI and ALIARSE emphasizes our daily focus on creating opportunities for social, economic, and environment development. This Award is proudly shared with the communities where we work.”

Cemented Status

The Award comes at a time when socially and environmentally responsible mining companies are being prioritized in some of the largest institutional portfolios. The company’s proven track record with its operations in Mexico have cemented First Majestic’s status as a leader in this space, further proving that this commitment is much more than just window dressing. With its newest mine acquisition in the US, it will already have the systems and policies in place to implement the Award-winning strategies that have worked so well in the past in other countries.

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