Musk Metals (CSE:MUSK) has completed its drill campaign at the Elon Lithium project in Quebec, where four drill holes were completed. Drilling focused on the southwest part of the Elon project.

After the summer trail opening program, six drill pads were prepared from the west. The four drill holes were completed from those drill pads. Each of the four reached a depth of 150m, even though overburden in the area was quite thick. Thickness ranged from 20 to 39m of sand that originated from glacial sedimentary deposits. The program’s goal was to investigate soil anomalies after the initial trenching program; the trenching program was not successful because of the bedrock depth.

The first three holes went through roughly 20m of overburden before reaching that bedrock, and the final hole went through approximately 39m of overburden. This complicated the drill campaign for the company for all four holes (DDH-EL22-001, DDH- EL22-003 and DDH- EL22-004, DDH- EL22-007).

Musk Metals has already conducted logging for the core and has made some lithological observations. The lithology for the three western holes is a blend of andesite and intermediate tuff, compared to the interpreted intrusion (DDH- EL22-007) located to the east which has been found to be granodioritic. Sulphides including pyrite, pyrhotite, sphalerite and chalcopyrite have been observed in nearly all of the lithologies and all core length, even though the company has not observed any pegmatites in the core.

Other highlights from the campaign are as follows:

Table 1: Completed Drill Holes Details.

DDH ID Overburden (m) Length (m) Main Lithology Target
DDH-EL22-001 21 150 Andesite. Disseminated sulphides. Hole 1 is located on the T4 Trench, it aim at the NNW-SSE low magnetic corridor emanating from the interpreted intrusion
DDH- EL22-004 21 150 Andesite and Intermediate tuff. Disseminated sulphides. Hole 2 is located on the T10 Trench, it aims at a low magnetic corridor emanating from the interpreted intrusion that has been interpreted as a possible dyke swarm
DDH- EL22-003 19 150 Andesite and Intermediate tuff. Disseminated sulphides. Hole 3 aims at a low magnetic corridor emanating from the interpreted intrusion that has been interpreted as a possible dyke swarm
DDH- EL22-007 39 150 Granodiorite. Disseminated sulphides. Hole 4 aims at the same low magnetic corridor than Hole 3, emanating from the interpreted intrusion that has been interpreted as a possible dyke swarm

In total, including blanks and core sample, 118 samples were sent to ALS laboratory in Val-d’Or. 114 has been sent for a full-metallic package (protocols Au-ICP21 for gold and ME-MS61L for base metals), 12 were sent for whole rock analysis (protocol ME-XRF26) and 6 were sent for lithium analysis (protocols LI-ICP82, ME-MS81 and ME-4ACED81).

The next step will consist of a review of the assay results and reinterpretation of the geological maps to better define future steps forward. The Property is adjacent to significant lithium mineralization and the previous soil surveys indicate potential for lithium mineralization being hosted on the Property. The data we obtained from this initial campaign will help us to better define a potential source of anomaly. Recently, Lithium Amérique du Nord (LAN), a division of Sayona Mining Ltd acquired the mineral rights to the Vallée Lithium property, owned by Jourdan Resources Inc., located just south and adjacent to the Elon Property.

Figure 1. Drilled Holes.

Source: Musk Metals Corp.

The Property and Adjacent Properties

The Elon Property is strategically located in Abitibi, Qc at approximately 600 meters northeast of North American Lithium Project (recently acquired by Sayona Québec) and formerly known as Mine Québec Lithium. North American Lithium produced over 907,000 tons of material at 1.40% Li2O between 1955 and 1965 (Boily et al, 1989). In a June 28th, 2022 news release, Sayona Québec formally approved the restart of North American Lithium operation for lithium extraction and spodumene concentrate production. In September 2022 Sayona announced a 200 million dollars contract for the mining operations (September 27th, 2022 press release).

Jourdan Resources is investigating a pegmatite field approximately 1000m SE of the Elon Property, has reported lithium content of up to 2.38% Li2O over 0.90m and 1.33% Li2O over 5.25m in pegmatites (June 9th, 2022 and July 7th, 2022 news release) and plans to conduct a second drilling campaign (September 15th, 2022 press release). Sayona announced in November the acquisition of the Vallée Lithium property (November 14th, 2022 press release).

This might indicate that the general area is fertile in lithium and that the regional environment is more favorable for additional lithium discovery in the future.


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