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By Yuliya Nam Wright

Yuliya is a Senior Market Analyst for Mintec who is responsible for delivering insights/price outlook across a range of commodity markets; including metals, energy, grains and oilseeds. Prior to joining Mintec, Yuliya worked on projects in the oil & gas, mining, utilities and banking sectors. Consulting experience includes investment policy development, balanced scorecard and productivity optimization. Yuliya studied International Business (MSc) and Journalism (BA).

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 Daily Gainers

 Lincoln Minerals Limited LML.AX +125.00%
 Golden Cross Resources Ltd. GCR.AX +33.33%
 Casa Minerals Inc. CASA.V +30.00%
 Adavale Resources Limited ADD.AX +22.22%
 Athena Resources Ltd. AHN.AX +22.22%
 Azimut Exploration Inc. AZM.V +21.98%
 New Stratus Energy Inc. NSE.V +21.05%
 Dynasty Gold Corp. DYG.V +18.42%
 Azincourt Energy Corp. AAZ.V +18.18%
 Gladiator Resources Limited GLA.AX +17.65%

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