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Gold Surges Near Breakout


Gold surged sharply over the past week or so, nearing a major bull-market breakout!  Nearly everyone was surprised by this violent awakening, which erupted suddenly as gold languished around year-to-date lows.  If this dramatic rally has staying power, gold has good odds of achieving decisive new bull-market highs. ... Read more »

Rally or New Bull Market?


In recent days the market has moved from expecting a rate cut by January 2020 to now expecting as much as three rate cuts by then. As a result both Gold and gold stocks launched higher, forming a “three white soldiers” bullish reversal pattern. Last week and in previous writings, we noted the importance of the actual... Read more »

The Coming Catalyst for Gold Stocks


We have written for over a year about the historical importance of the shift in Federal Reserve policy. We’ve noted that over the past 65 years in 11 of 13 rate cut cycles the gold stocks have enjoyed tremendous gains. The historical data shows an average gain of over 170% and median gain of almost 150%. As of last... Read more »

Stock Market Danger & Gold Bull Wedge


1. The fear trade for gold continues to gain fundamental strength. The technical picture is also solid. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. Gold is poised for significant upside action in the second half of this... Read more »

Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q1 2019 Fundamentals


The mid-tier gold miners’ stocks in the sweet spot for price-appreciation potential have been struggling in recent months, grinding lower with gold. Their strong early-year momentum has been sapped by recent stock-market euphoria. But gold-mining stocks are more important than ever for prudently diversifying portfolios.... Read more »

Gold Miners’ Q1 2019 Fundamentals


The major gold miners’ stocks are drifting sideways with gold, their early-year momentum sapped by the recent stock-market euphoria. But they are more important than ever for prudently diversifying portfolios, a rare sector that surges when stock markets weaken. Their just-reported Q1’19 results reveal how gold miners... Read more »

A Conversation with Mark O’Dea, Chairman and Founder of Oxygen Capital


The junior resource sector is a people business. In my view, making money consistently in a sector which is fraught with risk and failure, without a doubt, is inextricably linked to the quality of the people who are running the companies with which I am investing. This statement, and statements like it, are very likely... Read more »

Tariff Terror: Stocks Crash & Gold Soars


1. The short seasonal rally for gold that typically follows India’s Akha Teej holiday (May 7 this year) is in play but this time it is being “juiced” by a major U.S. stock market meltdown! 2. In a game with nine innings, the U.S. business cycle is probably in the eighth or ninth inning. 3. Stock market welfare... Read more »

Big U.S. Stocks’ Q1 2019 Fundamentals


The U.S. stock markets sure feel inflectiony, at a major juncture. After achieving new all-time record highs, sentiment was euphoric heading into this week. But those latest heights could be a massive triple top that formed over 15 months. Then heavy selling erupted in recent days as the U.S.-China trade war suddenly went... Read more »

Rockridge Resources Reports Blockbuster Copper Intercept


Rockridge Resources (TSX-V: ROCK) is a fairly new mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration & development of mineral resource properties in Canada. Its focus is copper & base metals. More specifically, base, green energy & battery metals, of which copper is... Read more »

Waiting for Double Bottom Support in Gold Stocks


Several weeks ago we wrote about the downside risk in the gold stocks. After the various gold stock indices formed distribution-type tops, the subsequent selling has been swift. Miners have plunged through moving averages and short-term breadth... Read more »

Dangerous Stock Markets


These record U.S. stock-market levels are very dangerous, riddled with extreme levels of euphoria and complacency. Largely thanks to the Fed, traders are convinced stocks can rally indefinitely. But stock prices are very expensive relative to underlying corporate earnings, with valuations back up near bubble levels. These... Read more »

Why US Dollar Strength is Long Term Catalyst for Gold


As we know, Gold and the US Dollar have an inverse relationship. Gold is priced in US Dollars and the drivers of each are similar (from an inverse point of view). Over long-term periods both trend in the same direction but the magnitude of the moves can vary and be quite different. The standard inverse relationship has... Read more »

Skeena Resources Reviving BC's Eskay Creek


Eskay Creek, formerly the world’s highest-grade gold mine, may be headed for a re-start due to very promising exploration work completed by Skeena Resources (TSX.V: SKE). Eskay Creek was operated by Barrick Gold until shutting down in 2008 due to a combination of high operating costs and a low gold price. Skeena picked... Read more »

Near-Record Gold Shorting


Gold has failed to gain traction over the past couple months, normally a seasonally-strong time. That has really weighed on sentiment, leaving traders increasingly bearish. Gold investment demand has flagged dramatically with lofty stock markets spewing great euphoria. That’s given gold-futures speculators the run of... Read more »


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