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Time for a Breakout in Gold?


First we need to define what a breakout actually is. It is when the price breaks a pattern or a range and a new trend is therefore established. Today, people are all too quick to refer to almost every move higher as a breakout. Just google “Gold Breakout” and you’ll see what I mean. Sure, closing above $1300... Read more »

Chart Attack! Gold Stocks: A Turbocharged Rally Accelerates


by Morris Hubbartt February 5, 2019 Here are today's videos and charts (double-click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis ... Read more »

Silver Outperforms Gold


Silver recently started outperforming gold again, a watershed event.  For long years this white metal has mostly lagged the yellow one, relentlessly battering silver sentiment.  But gold surging into year-end 2018 finally sparked some life into moribund silver.  This is a bullish sign, as silver has soared in the past... Read more »

The Fed: Turning Gold Stocks Into Shooting Stars


The magnificent gold price rally has paused in the $1300 area for the past few weeks. Monday was COMEX option expiry day. With that now out of the way, gold is already staging more upside action! Please click... Read more »

Gold Stocks' Upleg Pauses


The gold miners’ stocks have slumped in January, tilting sentiment back to bearish.  This sector’s strong December upward momentum was checked by gold’s own upleg stalling out.  Gold investment demand growth slowed on the blistering stock-market rally.  But uplegs always flow and ebb, and this young gold-stock... Read more »

Chart Attack: Key Gold Stocks Are Staging Breakouts


by Morris Hubbartt Jan 28, 2019 Here are today's videos and charts (double-click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis ... Read more »

Gold: Is the Correction Over?


Is the price correction in gold already over? Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. I told investors to prepare for a modest and healthy correction from the $1300 area, and that’s happened. ... Read more »

Gold Stocks Remain in Downtrend


Last week we discussed the difference between a rally and bull market.  Gold stocks have been in a rally.  That rally is now over as gold stocks... Read more »

Gold Surges on Stock Selloff


Gold investment demand reversed sharply higher in recent months, fueling a strong gold rally.  The big stock-market selloff rekindled interest in prudently diversifying stock-heavy portfolios with counter-moving gold.  These mounting investment-capital inflows into gold are likely to persist and intensify.  Both weaker... Read more »

GDXJ Upside Bests GDX


Gold miners’ exchange-traded funds are surging with gold powering higher.  These mounting gains are naturally fueling growing interest in the leading gold-stock investment vehicles.  Traders looking to deploy capital are wondering which major gold-stock ETF is superior, offering the best balance between upside potential,... Read more »

Gold: China is Back in the Game


January 8, 2019   It’s time for the queen of assets to rest and consolidate. Nothing goes up in a straight line, and that’s certainly true for gold! Please click here now.... Read more »

Will the Momentum in Precious Metals Continue?


The precious metals complex has enjoyed a nice run in recent months. GDX has gained 25% since the September lows while GDXJ has gained 22% since its November low. Gold has rallied over $100/oz since its October low and Silver has surged in recent weeks. The Gold community is getting excited again. They think the equity... Read more »

Gold-Stock Upleg Breaking Out


The gold stocks’ young upleg is really growing, on a trajectory to become major.  This contrarian sector is breaking out to the upside on multiple fronts technically, which is really improving sentiment.  Traders’ extreme bearishness of late summer has mostly abated, with bullish shoots taking root.  Fundamentals... Read more »

Happy New Year from Queen Gold & King Silver


  As the new year begins, gold continues to gain respect as the ultimate investment asset. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the U.S. dollar. Most investors tend to view the dollar as a “safe haven”, but the big bank FOREX traders that really move the currency market view... Read more »

Breaking Down The Maverix Deal With Northern Vertex CEO Kenneth Berry


by Robert Kientz Summary I discuss the recent streaming deal with Northern Vertex CEO Ken Berry. We also go over the $8 million private placement. During the interview, we cover extensively the accomplishments for 2018 as well as the options the company has to expand production and... Read more »


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