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Is the bubble about to pop for Canadian rare earth stocks?


Is rare earth metals mania another bubble that is about to pop, or a genuine shift in the supply demand curve? That question is the crux of a heated debate this week after Goldman Sachs analyst Malcolm Southwood said the back-story on rare earths, which have rocketed to more than ten times their value in just a couple... Read more »

Avalon Rare Metals hits 52 week high


On December 21st, 2010,  Avalon announced it would list on the NYSE Amex exchange. The company's shares rose more than 20 percent after the announcement, to close the day at $4.91. The added liquidity of a U.S. listing has apparently served the company well. Shares have continued to surge, closing today at $9.13,... Read more »

Why should investors care about Alkali Metals?


Not all alkali metals are created equally. All of the alkali metals share similar properties: they are highly reactive metals under standard conditions and are thus never found in their elemental form in nature. The two alkali metals that are of particular value to investors are lithium, due to its high electrochemical... Read more »

Five Lithium Stocks to Watch in 2011 - Part 1


Read the word lithium and it’s likely not too long before you are reading the word battery. Jon Hykawy, lithium analyst for Byron Capital Markets echoed the sentiments of many recently when he described lithium as “hot and getting hotter.” Lithium... Read more »

Five Lithium Stocks to Watch in 2011 - Part 2


3. Talison Lithium (TSX:TLH) With a market capitalization near half a billion dollars, Talison Lithium (Stock Profile - TSX:TLH & OTC:TLTHF) is the biggest lithium mining company listed in Canada, and... Read more »

Platinum; rare, expensive and green


Platinum, among the rarest and costliest of metals, is also one of the most green. Platinum is so rare that all of the metal ever mined would fill a room measuring less than 25 feet on each side. The metal has many critical commercial... Read more »

Ucore: What's in a name?


What's in a name? A lot, apparently. When Ucore Uranium last summer changed its name to Ucore Rare Metals (TSXV:UCU) shares of the company were floundering. Today,... Read more »

Great Western Minerals on top of Rare Opportunity


A cell phone the size of a shoe. A laptop that weighs more than a truck tire. If it weren't for rare earth metals, a collection of seventeen chemical elements in the periodic table that are generally found in ore deposits, technology... Read more »


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