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This Chart Signals When Gold Stocks Will Explode


This Chart Signals When Gold Stocks Will Explode By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA Gold Stocks remain in a correction, even if the October 29 lows continue to hold into December. Corrections are a function of price and time, and often in this sector, a correction can continue in terms of time, well after a low in price... Read more »

Gold Miners’ Q3’20 Fundamentals


The major gold miners’ stocks have been grinding lower on balance for a few months now in a healthy correction. This necessary rebalancing is achieving its mission of dampening enthusiasm, paving the way for this contrarian sector’s next bull upleg. Rebounding from governments’ COVID-19 lockdowns, the gold miners... Read more »

Gold Bugs Need to Ignore the Market Noise and Focus on Using Good Tactics


1.Conspiracy buffs are probably wondering if Monday’s big vaccine announcement (that occurred just after the election of Joe Biden) was a coincidence. 2. Would the outcome of the election have been different if the vaccine announcement was made a few days before the election? 3. Probably, but gold bugs need... Read more »

Outlook for Gold Stocks Post 2020 Election


Outlook for Gold Stocks Post 2020 Election By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA We last wrote to you roughly ten days ago. We concluded, "It appears GDX and GDXJ will test their September lows at $37 and $52 reasonably soon. Should GDX & GDXJ break those lows to the downside, then we should get ready to buy." GDX and... Read more »

Gold: Is The Reaction Over


It appears that both gold and stock market investors believe the winner of the US election (held today) will be more money printing and debt. 2.   That’s almost certainly true, but what happens if the fed becomes less keen to continue its accommodation? 3.   Please ... Read more »

Gold Stocks’ Winter Rally 5


The gold miners’ stocks have mostly been correcting in recent months, after blasting higher with gold last summer.  While this necessary and healthy selloff to rebalance sentiment likely isn’t over yet, this sector is entering its strongest seasonal rally of the year.  That portends big gains in coming months as the... Read more »

Scottie Resources update + Q&A with VP Exploration, Thomas Mumford, Ph.D., P.Geo


Last year Scottie Resources (TSX-V: SCOT) / (OTCQB: SCTSF) discovered multiple high-grade, surface gold targets on its newly acquired Summit Lake claims and had exciting drill results on its Bow & Scottie... Read more »

Low Dollar Risky for Gold


Today’s beaten-down US dollar is a major short-term risk for gold.  For decades this yellow metal has often inversely mirrored the fortunes of the world’s reserve currency.  Dollar trends are important trading cues for highly-leveraged gold-futures speculators, who wield outsized influence... Read more »

Mining Executive Richard Warke Featured On


Read today's article on featuring top mining executive and Chairman of the Augusta Group of Companies, Richard Warke.  The feature article looks at the past success of Warke, while shining a light on his current activities in the mining industry, including his leadership at Titan Mining Corp. and the recent controlling... Read more »

Gold-Miner Valuations Low


  After soaring in a powerful upleg, the gold miners’ stocks have been grinding lower for a couple months now.  This ongoing correction is increasingly draining enthusiasm for this small contrarian sector, working to rebalance sentiment.  Gold-stock price levels relative to gold... Read more »

Gold-Stock Seasonal Plunge


The gold miners’ stocks have just been hammered, plunging to new correction lows.  That shattered their indexes’ 50-day moving averages, pounding nails in the coffin of this sector’s recent high consolidation.  This necessary correction probably isn’t over yet.  It is still small... Read more »

Gold Overboughtness Risk


Gold Overboughtness Risk   Gold has been consolidating high since early August, when it rocketed parabolic on colossal gold-ETF demand.  That 6-week-old sideways drift has worked off some greed and overboughtness, but plenty still remains.  So gold isn’t out... Read more »

Building Colombia’s Next Gold Mine: Caldas Gold’s (TSX-V: CGC, OTCQX: ALLXF) Marmato Project


Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC, OTCQX: ALLXF) has raised ~$240 million (USD), looking to finance expansion at its Marmato gold mine in Colombia. On July 29, 2020, the company announced a $50-million... Read more »

Gold-Stock Correction Mode


The gold miners’ stocks are mired in correction mode, which isn’t surprising after their mighty post-stock-panic upleg. Huge buying catapulting them higher left this sector extremely overbought. Corrections are normal and healthy after prices get too stretched technically. They eradicate... Read more »

Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q2’20 Fundamentals


The mid-tier gold miners in this sector’s sweet spot for upside potential have had a spectacular run since March’s stock panic! That catapulted them to extremely-overbought levels, necessitating a correction to rebalance sentiment. The mid-tiers’ just-reported Q2’20 operational and... Read more »


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