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Gold Overboughtness Risk


Gold Overboughtness Risk   Gold has been consolidating high since early August, when it rocketed parabolic on colossal gold-ETF demand.  That 6-week-old sideways drift has worked off some greed and overboughtness, but plenty still remains.  So gold isn’t out... Read more »

Building Colombia’s Next Gold Mine: Caldas Gold’s (TSX-V: CGC, OTCQX: ALLXF) Marmato Project


Caldas Gold (TSX-V: CGC, OTCQX: ALLXF) has raised ~$240 million (USD), looking to finance expansion at its Marmato gold mine in Colombia. On July 29, 2020, the company announced a $50-million... Read more »

Gold-Stock Correction Mode


The gold miners’ stocks are mired in correction mode, which isn’t surprising after their mighty post-stock-panic upleg. Huge buying catapulting them higher left this sector extremely overbought. Corrections are normal and healthy after prices get too stretched technically. They eradicate... Read more »

Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q2’20 Fundamentals


The mid-tier gold miners in this sector’s sweet spot for upside potential have had a spectacular run since March’s stock panic! That catapulted them to extremely-overbought levels, necessitating a correction to rebalance sentiment. The mid-tiers’ just-reported Q2’20 operational and... Read more »

CEO Interview, James Anderson, why is VanGold Mining so hot?


In every article / interview I’ve done on a gold or silver junior in the past three months, I’ve remarked, somewhat breathlessly, on how strong prices are. Yet, prices keep moving higher! Gold at US$1,944/oz. ... Read more »

The Gold Zone: Investors Need a Plan


1.   Gold has arrived at significant resistance in the $1900-$2000 zone.  Investors need a solid plan of action to deal with the intense volatility that is currently enveloping the market. 2.   Please ... Read more »

Gold Summer Doldrums 3


Gold, silver, and their miners’ stocks suffer their weakest seasonals of the year in early summers.  With traders’ attention normally diverted to vacations and summer fun, interest in and demand for precious metals usually wane.  Without outsized investment demand, gold tends to drift sideways dragging silver and... Read more »

Gold Investment Strong


Gold investment demand remains strong, buoying the yellow metal and its miners’ stocks. Investors have continued actively diversifying into gold despite soaring stock markets and weaker summer seasonals. The Fed’s extreme money printing fueling these precarious stock-market heights is perilously... Read more »

Gold Stock Profits: A Horn Of Plenty


1.   Gold drifts sideways in typical weak season trading, silver looks better, and the miners look awesome! 2.   Please click... Read more »

"The Old Normal: Got Gold?"


It’s the soft demand season for gold (April-Sept), and that means upside and downside breakouts can become “wet noodle” affairs. Bulls and bears who aren’t prepared for this type of sideways price action may get frustrated. ... Read more »

Vangold Mining - A Silver/Gold Junior Taking Mexico by Storm


Timing is everything. Precious metals are up, while almost everything else is down. Gold has soared 38% from last year’s low. This is a big move, but few investors seem to appreciate its significance. Earlier this week, Bank of America announced a gold price target of US$3,000/oz. by the end of 2021. While that might... Read more »

Corona Vs 2008: The Difference Is Inflation


Tuesdays are often a weak day for gold.  Where there is weakness there is opportunity, but is that opportunity here today? Please click... Read more »

Gold Shoulder Build & Stk Mkt Collapse


The US stock market is once again in imminent danger of a major collapse.  Please click... Read more »

Money Printing Creates Gold Stocks Nirvana


Another “golden week” is underway, and both the miners and bullion are off to a great start! Please click... Read more »


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