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Silver-ETF Selling Mounting


Silver’s dazzling parabolic surge this summer was overwhelmingly driven by enormous silver-ETF-share buying.  Led by momentum-chasing millennial traders, unprecedentedly-huge amounts of stock-market capital deluged into the dominant SLV iShares Silver Trust silver ETF.  But since silver’s... Read more »

Silver At $140: Can It Really Happen?


1.   While most of the Corona news is “baked” into the gold price, when the dust settles, $2000-$2500 is likely to be the new floor. 2.   Please click... Read more »

Silver Miners’ Q2’20 Fundamentals


The silver miners’ stocks have had a roller-coaster ride of a year, getting sucked into March’s stock panic before skyrocketing out in a massive upleg.  While much-higher prevailing silver prices radically improve silver-stock fundamentals, Q2’s national economic lockdowns to fight... Read more »

First Cobalt Corp. wisely unlocking value of silver assets in a precious metals bull market


Note: Subsequent to the publishing of this article, management announced a modest C$2M equity capital raise.   First Cobalt Corp. (TSX-V: FCC) / (OTCQX: FTSSF) / (GERMANY: 18P) announced... Read more »

Past Work Makes Quick Work Today: Golden Tag Resources (TSX-V: $GOG) and the San Diego Silver Project, Durango, Mexico


Twenty kilometres from a major four lane highway lies one of the largest undeveloped silver assets with an established resource of 115 million ounces of silver and 1.5 billion pounds of zinc, Golden... Read more »

CEO Interview, James Anderson, why is VanGold Mining so hot?


In every article / interview I’ve done on a gold or silver junior in the past three months, I’ve remarked, somewhat breathlessly, on how strong prices are. Yet, prices keep moving higher! Gold at US$1,944/oz. ... Read more »

Silver Demand Exploding!


Silver investment demand is exploding in recent months, skyrocketing higher in wildly-unprecedented fashion! That has catapulted silver sharply higher since mid-March’s COVID-19-lockdown stock panic. Accelerating even in this usually-weak summer season, the massive capital inflows deluging... Read more »

CEO interview, Michael Hopley of Azarga Metals – Lots going on here


WOW. What a three months it’s been. Things appear to be relatively better now, but I was very worried. At its worst, four major U.S. stock market indexes were down an average of 37.5% from all-time highs set in February. ... Read more »

Vangold Mining - A Silver/Gold Junior Taking Mexico by Storm


Timing is everything. Precious metals are up, while almost everything else is down. Gold has soared 38% from last year’s low. This is a big move, but few investors seem to appreciate its significance. Earlier this week, Bank of America announced a gold price target of US$3,000/oz. by the end of 2021. While that might... Read more »

Big Silver-Stock Potential


The silver miners’ stocks are looking interesting. While they really lagged silver’s surge on gold’s bull-market-breakout rally last summer, their upleg since remains intact. Gold stocks’ own upleg peaked in early September. And silver itself remains wildly undervalued relative to gold,... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Keltner Lines & A Healthy Miners Market


1.   The amount of debt in both China and the United States is horrifying and it continues to grow.  2.   Debt growth is worshipped by millions of people who think it is a cure rather than a disease.   3.   Please ... Read more »

Silver Miners’ Q3’19 Fundamentals


The silver miners are finally enjoying higher prevailing silver prices, a great boon for this sector. Silver surged this past summer after gold’s first new bull-market highs in several years rekindled enthusiasm for precious metals. The long-neglected silver stocks rallied strongly with their... Read more »

Checking in on Gold & Silver Sentiment


The precious metals sector remains in a correction. The miners have shown some positive signs but are not ready to move yet because the metals likely have more correction ahead. Technical support levels can provide us with low risk buy opportunities but combine that with sentiment data and we increase our odds of success. One... Read more »

Graceland Updates: Gold Looks Good & Silver Looks Great


For silver, all roads probably lead to the $22-$25 area. For gold, all roads likely lead to $1600-$1800. There could be significant bumps in these roads, probably involving time more than price. 2. Please [ |... Read more »

Silver Miners Stage Rebound Rally


The battered silver miners’ stocks surged in recent months, staging a strong rebound rally. That overdue turnaround was fueled by silver mean reverting higher on improving sentiment after gold’s decisive bull-market breakout. But silver miners still had a challenging Q2, as most of silver’s gains came after last quarter... Read more »


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