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A Conversation with Chad Wells, VP Corporate Development of Altius Minerals

Everyone has different reasons for investing or speculating in the resource sector. I believe, for the majority of the participants, it's the allure of 10 baggers that attract them to the juniors. While the appeal to windfall profits is attractive to almost anyone, I believe it's exactly this mindset that keeps many... Read more »

Top Mining Executive Richard Warke Featured on

This week, an in-depth article featuring prominent mining executive and Chairman of the Augusta Group of Companies, Richard Warke. Featuring commentary from Barrick Gold Corp.’s Kevin Thomson and Ross Beaty, the article details Richard Warke's rise in the resource industry, from his sale of Arizona Mining Inc. this summer... Read more »

Why Uranium And Why Now?

By Tina Leto The odds seem to be against uranium. Fukushima’s nuclear power plant is still disabled; the U.S. Supreme Court seems to be leaning towards staying Virginia’s moratorium on uranium mining, and projects such as Berkeley Energía’s Salamanca mine in Spain are facing major opposition. So, why mine uranium... Read more »

Aben Resources Poised to be a Golden Triangle Winner?

The Golden Triangle (GT) in northwestern British Columbia (Canada) is a tremendous place to explore and make precious & base metal discoveries. It’s known for monster high-grade gold deposits, but also hosts silver, copper & other base metals. When one considers the GT, one might think... Read more »

Oreninc Index Natural Resources Financing Increases despite Gold Fall, May 21, 2018

Last week index score: 36.21 (updated) This week: 52.74 The Oreninc Index... Read more »

Oreninc Natural Resource Financing Index Falls as Action Dries Up (again)

Last week index score: 45.85 (updated) This week: 25.90 Prospero Silver (TSX-V: PSL) and Fortuna Silver... Read more »

ORENINC Canadian Resource Financing Index halves as broker action evaporates (again), April 23, 2018

Last week index score: 44.24 (updated) This week: 21.62 Prospero Silver (TSX-V: PSL) announced a non-brokered... Read more »

Africa's hope lies in exploration

Exploration is at the heart of mining. Nobody can build a mining company without exploration. The greatest mining companies in Africa today invested in top geologists and exploration... Read more »

Oreninc Index falls as trade war looms, April 9th 2018

Last week index score: 45.10 (updated) This week: 33.86 NuLegacy Gold (TSX-V: NUG) appointed John Budreski... Read more »

Boreal Metals (TSX-V: BMX) Makes Bold Move into Cobalt Sector

Boreal Metals (TSX-V: BMX / Frankfurt: 03E) is a base & precious metals explorer in Scandinavia that is making a major push into the key green... Read more »

FPX Nickel Corp. – An Undervalued Pure Nickel Play

Investing in high quality companies can bring you gains in any segment of the market cycle. But, when you’re buying a high quality company at the bottom of a commodity cycle,... Read more »

A Conversation With Brian Dalton, CEO Of Altius Minerals (TSX: ALS)

People are, by far, the most important facet of any business. This is especially true in the resource sector, as mining is a risky investment even when the best people are involved in the project. You might be thinking, ‘but I have to pay a premium for the best people.’ Well, that may be true sometimes, especially... Read more »

Will Gerald Metals' issues in Sierra Leone be the last straw for creditors?

by Linus Booker It is said that the most valuable commodity in Sierra Leone is diamonds. But in my experience,... Read more »

Brian Leni: Desert Star Resources – Developing The Kutcho High Grade Cu-Zn-Au-Ag Project

Tax loss season is upon us, and with it comes discounts on some of the best companies in the junior resource sector. In particular, Marathon Gold stood out for me; it just released a great update to its NI 43-101 resource estimate, moving a portion of its inferred gold ounces to the measured and indicated categories and... Read more »

Ecuador a Reformed Mining Jurisdiction?

If you mention Ecuador in mining circles, you will get some raised eyebrows and mumbled cuss words from Canadian mining executives.   This is because of... Read more »

Ring of Fire: Province Reaches Agreement with First Nations; Good News for Miners

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced today in Thunder Bay that agreements have been reached with the Webequie, Marten Falls and Nibinamik First Nations to begin construction of a road to the currently difficult to access Ring of Fire mineral belt. The route would go to the proposed Noront Resources Ltd.... Read more »

Commodities Have Bottomed – Which One Is Poised For The Greatest Return?

In the last couple of years, we have seen the majority of commodities bottom out, finally seeing some signs of life. The majority of the rebounds occurred from late-2015 to early 2016. ... Read more »

Jim Rogers Commodity Fund: July Best Month Since Sept. 2016; Metals Lead

In July, the Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI) had its best month since September, 2016, according to Price Asset Management, a US-based firm that manages a commodity fund based on the RICI index. The index was up 3.13%, slightly ahead of the benchmark Bloomberg Commodity Index (BCOM) which was... Read more »

China could lose 10% of its lead supply

China will halt iron, iron ore and seafood imports from North Korea starting Tuesday as it implements the new UN sanctions, the Chinese commerce ministry said Monday. According to Metal Bulletin Daily for Aug 15, 2017, China could lose up to a tenth of its lead concentrates supply from looming North Korea Ban... Read more »

Richard Warke’s Taylor Deposit shaping up to have plenty of potential

2016 may be a noteworthy year for the Canadian-based Arizona Mining Inc. The resource company has made big gains on its Hermosa property, located 80 km southeast of Tucson, Arizona. With an 80 percent share of the property, Arizona Mining has been the catalyst behind the exploration of the site’s resource deposits... Read more »

BHP Billiton Struggles Amid A Downturn In Iron Ore

BHP Billiton has been having an incredibly hard time in the market, and has been for quite some time. As you can see from the chart above, the downtrend has been happening for more than 6 months. So, what's causing the value of the company to decline? Ultimately, it's the downturn we've seen in the value of metals like... Read more »

Rhodium prices fall nearly 30% to 11 year low

Rhodium is a rare metal, and the silvery, corrosive resistant metal is most commonly used in catalytic converters for automobiles, where it competes with platinum, despite platinum production being 12 times larger than rhodium production. It is generally produced as a by-product of platinum and nickel mining; there... Read more »

Tin price down 30% year on year

Tin prices started falling in 2014 and are now close to a 5 year low. Although prices have seen some recovery from the lowest point reached in April, the LME cash price at the beginning of May was just over USD 16,000 per tonne, down 30% y-o-y and nearly 20% down since the start of the year. So what has caused the fall... Read more »

Niocorp Hits 52 Week High

For years I have highlighted a strategic metal called niobium. See my recent article on the topic by clicking on the following link below: Recently... Read more »

Graphite One Resources Moving In Aggressive But Prudent Manner

I recently read an article entitled, "Graphite One is Dead Money." The author did a good job of pointing out the attributes of the Graphite One Resources (GPHOF) (GPH.v) story. And I commend the writer for writing a balanced piece considering both the pros and cons... Read more »

Majors Focus On Large Polymetallic PGM Projects

For months I highlighted that the low valuations in the junior resource space will attract large miners especially in the platinum and palladium (PGM) space which has a huge supply demand imbalance. This... Read more »

Oreninc: Molybdenum

Benjamin Cox discusses Molybdenum supply and it’s link to copper demand. Benjamin contends that due to moly demand being dictated by factors such as fracking and high tensile steel and moly supply being purely a by-product of copper, that supply will rarely meet demand. Benjamin thinks that since copper demand will... Read more »

Can aluminium prices sustain their rally?

This year has seen a revival in aluminium prices along with prices for a number of other base metals, such as zinc and nickel. Whereas the strength in zinc and nickel prices has been mainly supply - driven, the picture for aluminium is more nuanced. Aluminium is the second most produced metal in the world and is... Read more »

Junior Graphite Miner in Mexico Bought Out by Flinders

For many weeks I have been alerting my readers to increased acquisitions in the graphite sector as Tesla announced big plans in the near term to build a gigafactory in North America to increase production of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. The announcement of a Tesla Lithium Ion Gigafactory in North America... Read more »

Junior Niobium Miner On Verge Of Breakout On High Grade Assays

On April 4th, 2014 I highlighted to my premium subscribers an obscure junior niobium miner which many ignored and was trading at approximately $.26. Niocorp (NB.V or NIOBF) owns a high grade niobium asset in Nebraska and has been hitting the highest grade results to date. See my previous reports on Niocorp from April... Read more »

Big North Graphite Releases News on Flake Graphite Project

Big North Graphite [NRT.V] [BNCIF] is a speculative small-cap graphite company that's unique as it's one of just a very few companies actually selling graphite in North America. Since mid-2013, Big North has sold a cumulative 1,163 tonnes of amorphous graphite from graphite projects in Sonora, Mexico.... Read more »

Zinc prices surge on lower stocks

After fluctuating around USD 1900 per tonne for the majority of last year, zinc prices started to increase in December 2013 and then continued to follow this upward trend into 2014. Prices are currently around USD 2300 per tonne, up 22% since December. Zinc prices have been rising as a result of the forthcoming closure... Read more »

The Reasons for the Rise in Nickel Prices

Nickel prices have been trending downwards in recent years, reaching a four and a half year low in December 2013. Since the turn of the year though, that trend has reversed and prices have risen over 47% since January – more than any other base metal on the LME. Given the current good global supply; we must ask ourselves... Read more »

Tommy Humphreys - Lukas Lundin Interview

“Did you know you were getting the better end of that deal with Kinross?” I asked Lukas Lundin in his Vancouver office earlier this week. “No No No,” he told me, “we thought it was worth more. You always love your own stuff.” Lukas laughed infectiously. Soon I was laughing along with him. The Lundin... Read more »

Pretium Resources: CEO Interview

Pretivm Resources’ Valley of the Kings discovery on the Brucejack property in Northern B.C. is just about the best Canadian gold project in the hands of a development company right now. It’s got grade, size, low CapEx and ease of permitting all going for it. The recent sell off in gold and related equities has... Read more »

Gold Loses One Trillion Dollars in Value

Spot market gold prices fell to a fresh two-year low in Tuesday's Asian trading, dropping to $1322 per ounce, before rallying back above $1386, as stock markets extended yesterday's losses. Silver dropped to its lowest level since September 2010 at $22.10 an ounce before it too recovered some ground. Oil was down... Read more »

Labrador Iron Mines Enters Strategic Relationship

Yesterday Labrador Iron Mines Holdings (Stock Profile - TSX:LIM) and Tata Steel Minerals Canada announced they entered into a framework agreement to establish a strategic relationship... Read more »

Mining Stocks to Watch in 2013 - Part 1

It's time for our annual Stocks to Watch list. 2013 is well underway and we've seen some very interesting developments in the mining markets. Despite the obvious issues facing the global economy, there is a subtle optimism brewing that perhaps the worst is behind us. To some degree, watching the DJIA hit new 52 week... Read more »

Mining Stocks to Watch in 2013 - Part 2

2. Hudbay Minerals, Inc. (Stock Profile - TSX:HBM & NYSE:HBM) Hudbay Minerals is a Canadian integrated mining company with operations, development projects and exploration activities across the Americas. The company is... Read more »

Where is the Value in Canadian Iron Ore?

Iron ore is the key ingredient used to make steel. The majority of the seaborne trade, that is, iron to be shipped to other countries, goes to China. An oligopoly exists today whereby China is forced to rely on Big 3 producers Vale, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton... Read more »

Top Mining Minds: Stan Bharti, Forbes & Manhattan

Stan Bharti is a professional mining engineer, business consultant, international financier, and entrepreneur. In 2002, Mr. Bharti founded Forbes & Manhattan, a private merchant banking organization with a focus on the natural resources sector. Today, Forbes & Manhattan has investment interests in a large... Read more »

Tekoa Da Silva - Ross Beaty Interview

I had the great opportunity yesterday to connect with legendary resource developer & financier, Ross Beaty, founder and chairman of the $2.7B Pan American Silver Corp., and executive chairman of Alterra Power Corp. Throughout his 37 year career, Ross has generated an astounding sum of over $4B worth of shareholder... Read more »

Mining in British Columbia Today

While grassroots mineral exploration activity appears to be down in 2012 compared with 2011, there were many advanced exploration projects including New Gold’s Blackwater (Stock Profile - TSX:NGD), Pretium’s Brucejack (Stock... Read more »

Tommy Humphreys - David Lowell Interview

The Atascosa Ranch is walking distance from the US/Mexico border, just outside of Nogales, Arizona. It’s owned by Dave Lowell, an affable 84-year-old man who’s spent the past 75+ years hunting for buried treasure. Today, he’s known as the most successful mining explorationist of the past century, having discovered... Read more »

Junior Mining Stocks - Buy, Hold or Sell?

As we begin to count down the remaining days in 2012 many investors in junior mining stocks are faced with the same decision - do I sell my shares for a tax loss or do I hold onto hope for 2013? Yes, that is the scope of the carnage in the junior mining markets today. 2012 was, without question, one of the worst... Read more »

North American Tungsten: CEO Interview

Tungsten is the hardest and strongest metal on the planet. It is over three times harder than chromium, cobalt and titanium and over five times harder than nickel, iron and platinum. Tungsten alloys well with other metals and displays high resistance to corrosion. Strategically speaking, tungsten was ranked in a... Read more »

Are Mining Stocks Oversold?

A sneaky thing happened over the last five trading days. The major gold mining companies leapt back into oversold territories (when measured against gold), the likes of which are only seen a few times a century.  This summer as many mining analysts pointed out, miners hit their most oversold levels in the last 30 years,... Read more »

Eurozone Enters Recession

The Eurozone fell into recession in Q3, according to official gross domestic product data published Thursday. Eurozone GDP shrank 0.1% from Q2, a 0.6% year-on-year drop. Germany and France both grew 0.2% quarter-on-quarter, while Italy's economy shrank by 0.2%. Spain's economy also contracted, shrinking 0.3% in the... Read more »

Peter Grandich, The Grandich Letter

Peter Grandich is the founder of Grandich Publications, the publisher of The Grandich Letter since 1984. His commentary on the metals and mining sector has been read by tens of thousands of people around the world. Today, The Grandich Letter is one of... Read more »

Teck Resources - Rated Outperform

Canadian diversified mining company Teck Resources has business units focused on copper, steelmaking coal, zinc and energy; and, Teck is also a significant producer of specialty metals such as germanium and indium. The company is the second largest seaborne exporter of steelmaking coal. Coal accounts for just under... Read more »

Will Ivanplats follow Facebook's IPO Path?

It what was the most widely anticipated IPO in Canada this year, Ivanplats raised $300 million last week and began trading on the TSX Exchange. Ivanplats (Stock Profile - TSX:IVP) is Robert Friedland's latest mining company to hit the public markets... Read more »

Continental Gold - Rated Outperform

Continental Gold released an updated mineral resource estimate for the Yaragua and Veta Sur vein systems at its 100 percent owned Buritica project in Antioquia, Colombia. Undertaken by independent consultants from Mining Associates, the mineral resource estimate at a gold cut-off grade of three grams per tonne Measured... Read more »

Rick Rule, Sprott US Holdings

Rick Rule has dedicated his entire professional career to natural resource investing. In addition to the knowledge and experience gained in a long career as a licensed stock broker and founder of Global Resource Investments Ltd., he has a worldwide network of contacts in the natural resource and finance worlds. In... Read more »

Top Mining Minds

Top Mining Minds is an ongoing editorial and interview series from, the internet's #1 investment website focused exclusively on mining. We connect with some of the world's most successful and influential mining industry magnates. From company builders to company financiers, we feature the mining industry's... Read more »

Sandstorm Gold Nolan Watson Interview

We had the opportunity to sit down with one of the youngest and most successful CEO’s in the mining business today, Nolan Watson, of the Sandstorm companies. Chosen as a Canadian ... Read more »

Yukon Mining Districts - Part 1

Famous for the Klondike Gold Rush, the Yukon Territory is a barren land with 35,000 inhabitants. Located in Canada's deep north, the Yukon yields an annual three to five month exploration window for mining companies. With summer coming to an end, drill results are pending and many miners are hoping to find the Yukon's... Read more »

Yukon Mining Districts - Part 2

The latest Yukon discoveries to fuel rushes include the Selwyn Basin in 1953, the Finlayson Lake District in 1994 and the White Gold District in 2009. Located in eastern Yukon, the Selwyn Basin is one of the world’s largest underdeveloped lead-zinc districts. The Faro deposit, discovered in 1965, contained a combined... Read more »

Follow Mining Stocks

As an investor in mining stocks it is difficult to stay connected with your investments and the companies on your watch list. Wouldn't it be great if someone designed an email application that sent you daily updates featuring company-specific news and media articles? Well, it is great and it's a free service from... Read more »

Mining Stock Indexes

At MiningFeeds, we are committed to providing mining investors with the best information available on the internet. But we are not just fans of mining, we are also fans of technology. In April, 2012 we launched our unique and proprietary "Mining Stock Indexes". These indexes are connected to the category listings... Read more »

Why Warren Buffett Likes Tungsten

In 2011, restrictions on the availability of rare earth elements brought the term "critical minerals" into the headlines. The industrial world's powers responded by filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China's... Read more »

Mining Hot Spots in 2011

According to Metals Economics Group’s (MEG) recent Strategic Report, the 2011 dollar volume of significant ($25 million minimum) acquisitions totaled $47.4 billion—down 4% from 2010’s $49.3 billion. In the context of an ongoing European economic crisis and lower growth expectations for China, 2011’s total spending... Read more »

Mexico: 3 Mining Stocks to Watch

According to the Mexican Mining Chamber, in 2010 revenue mining and metallurgical production (US$13.16 billion) surpassed the revenue generation of Mexico's tourism industry and established mining as the country’s second most productive sector after oil and gas. The growth of the sector has led to increased exploration... Read more »

Mining in Mexico: Part 1

Mexico is a major producer of silver, gold and base metals. In addition, the country is also a leading producer of celestite, bismuth, fluorite, cadmium, molybdenum, graphite, and manganese. In the Fraser Institute's most recent Survey... Read more »

Mining in Mexico: Part 2

In 2010, Mexico overtook Peru in silver production, reaching the world’s top position, with 128.6 million ounces produced. Mexico currently ranks 12th in gold production, and many think the country has a strong possibility of ranking among the top five within the next few years. In terms of foreign investors, Canada... Read more »

Upcoming Q2 Mining Milestones

Perhaps we should call this article, "PDAC Revisited". While meeting with mining company executives at the annual Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention in Toronto in March, we wanted to know what was coming up in Q2, 2012? For some companies, it was business as usual, but a number of... Read more »

5 Mining Stocks to Watch in 2012: Part 1

With the first quarter of a new year in the books we step back this month, take stock if you will, look towards the future and ponder what's in store for the balance of 2012. This year has been marked by volatility in both the commodities sector and the equity markets in general. Crude oil is north of $100 per barrel... Read more »

Metals and Minerals Investment Sector

There is always a sector among the raw materials on the verge of a period of "euphoria". On the chart below, each resource is represented by a company, because the indexes do not exist for all of the individual resources. Notice that, for 10 years, there is always a sector that is in a phase of "boom",... Read more »

Will Mining Stocks Beat the Market?

The past year has been a rough ordeal for nearly every sector of the market, but the metals and mining industry seemed to be battered on all fronts, despite previous run-ups in commodity prices across the board.  As if a stalled economic recovery on a global scale and a debt crisis in Europe were not enough, the industry... Read more »

Australia Passes 30% Mining Tax

Australia's senate has approved a 30% tax on iron ore and coal mining profits despite strong protests from global mining giants BHP Billiton Ltd. (Stock Profile - ASX:BHP & NYSE:BHP) and Rio Tinto Ltd. (Stock... Read more »

U.S. Mining Industry in Decline

The U.S. mining industry has been in decline for decades. A number of factors have contributed to this trend making the world's most powerful nation ever dependent on the supply of foreign resources. A number of factors are attributed to the decline. First, restrictive environmental regulations make mining and processing... Read more »

PDAC 2012 - Mining Milestones in March

After meeting with mining companies for the past two days at the annual PDAC convention in Toronto, we're pleased to present a list of upcoming mining milestones in March. Or shall we say, March/early April as prefaced by many of the executives in attendance at this year's convention. In alphabetical order, here's... Read more »

Junior Mining Financing Down 24% in 2011

From Metals Economics Group’s (MEG) Exploration Activity Services, the dollar amount of junior financings declined 24% in 2011 to $21.5 billion from $28.1 billion in 2010 and increased 12% from 2009 and 43% from 2008 totals. Of the total, financing amounts for base metals fell 32%, while the decline for gold... Read more »

Cashed-Up Catfish Report

We are delighted to bring you the MiningFeeds bottom fishing report. And to catch these fish, you don't need to know how to noodle. Noodling is the term used for fishing with your bare hands. Noodling is practiced primarily in the southern United States and the primary choice of noodlers is the flathead catfish. Flathead... Read more »

Week in Review: Gold, Silver & Base Metals

Canadian fund manager Eric Sprott said this week he was bullish on precious metals and bearish on cyclical commodities like base metals. Sprott said, "I am not bullish on cyclical commodities such as iron ore, coal, steel, lead and zinc because I am worried about this economic contraction that everybody is talking... Read more »

2012 - Mining Sector Activity on the Rise

Metals Economics Group (MEG) Pipeline Activity Index (PAI) increased in November to reach its highest level since March 2011, thanks to another record month of significant drill results and improved financings, before falling again in December as explorers paused for the holiday season. December’s drop was mitigated... Read more »

World's Largest Miners Like Potash

Major mining companies are looking to enter the potash business, or expand existing operations, as they look for increased demand from developing nations such as China, India and Brazil. "This is a solid business and the big mining companies agree. If they can find a way to participate in it, they will.” Mark... Read more »

Will China continue to drive resource demand?

At the CLSA AsiaUSA Forum in San Francisco earlier this month, numerous opportunities for U.S. businesses in China were discussed. Factors affecting growth in China are the Asian middle class, an increasing urbanization rate, and additional disposable income. The latter has been partially spurred by recent increases... Read more »

Mining Exploration Up 50% in 2011

According to Metals Economics Group’s (MEG) Corporate Exploration Strategies, the estimated total 2011 budget for nonferrous metals exploration surged to $18.2 billion.... Read more »

Anglo American's Fancy Footwork

ANGLO American's (LSE:AAL) recent corporate maneouvres have really caught the eye, especially the sale of its 24.5% stake in Anglo American Sur, its Chile base metals company, to Mitsubishi. Analysts have described it as 'fancy footwork' and 'corporate theater'; another, in martial terms as Anglo... Read more »

European Debt and the Price of Commodities

The ongoing crisis in Europe has not only affected emerging markets, it has also negatively influenced the price of many commodities. UBS states that an “escalating bank funding stress in Europe is forcing a profound deleveraging process.” As markets have been forced to pull their funds out of Europe, the... Read more »

Top Weekly Gainers

It was another big week in the markets with positive gains across most of the world's major exchanges. The TSX and TSX-V were no exception up 4.1% and 3.7% respectively. But we're not interested in single digit returns, we're taking a look at the top three mining companies that posted the biggest percentage gains this... Read more »

Silver production largely dependent on base metals

World production of the gray precious metal rose again in 2010. Silver, unlike gold, has seen production levels increase since 2003. This difference in production between gold and silver is not a coincidence due to geology and the history of their production. World production of silver in 2010 was 713... Read more »

Literally, Mining Technologies Make Money

After buying your morning double-double at Tim Horton's, do you ever wonder where the coins came from? Long before they were turned into the money that we all carry around with us in our pockets, they were raw metals hidden in the earth. How do mining companies know where to drill to find metal deposits? Once they find... Read more »

Greece gives way to big Gains

Like most Canadians, the TSX took a break for Canada day celebrations on Friday after posting four consecutive positive days. And to the south, U.S. stocks posted their biggest weekly rally in two years with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising 648 points after Greece took action to avoid default on its debt. “... Read more »

Should investors think Zinc?

On Wednesday, Breakwater Resources (TSX: BWR) agreed to a $663 million takeover from Nyrstar which marks the second takeover of a TSX listed zinc miner this year. Farallon Mining (TSX: FAN), was also taken out by Nyrstar. So we ask, should investors think zinc? Zinc is used primarily... Read more »

Peru goes to the Polls: 10 Mining Stocks to Watch

A cursory look at Peruvian mining will show you that many of the world's senior mining companies have operations there. The list of majors in the South American county includes Barrick Gold (TSX: ABX), Newmont Mining (TSX: NMC), BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP), Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (NYSE: FCX), and Teck Resources... Read more »

Gold + Silver + Copper + Zinc = Eritrea

Eritrea, a funnel shaped country that borders The Red Sea, was, because of its unstable political history, a bit of a mystery to the international mining community. But an unprecedented... Read more »

Dogs of the downturn: worst performing TSX 60 miners in May

Blink and you may have missed it. If the recent downturn in commodities is coming to an end, as some suggest, it was a brief correction. While the recent slump actually contained the worst week for commodities since the recession of late 2008, many believe it's a mere blip. Hussein Allidina, head of commodity research... Read more »

Northwest Transmission Line unplugged?

On May 8th, 2011, just two days after the federal government gave the environmental thumbs-up on the Northwest Transmission Line (NTL), two B.C. First Nations say they will join forces to fight... Read more »

Base Metals 101

In mining and economics, base metals are often referred to as non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals is a broad category that includes the likes of aluminum, molybdenum, tantalum and magnesium. However, 'The Big 5' in the group are copper, zinc, lead, nickel and iron. When investors think of base metals they probably... Read more »

10 Base Metal Stocks to Watch in 2011 - Part 1

Base metal mining companies have, for many years, operated in the shadows of precious metal miners. But with increasing demand from China and developing nations around the world, base metal miners may finally be getting the respect they deserve. Patricia Mohr, commodities specialist at Scotiabank, recently went so far... Read more »

10 Base Metal Stocks to Watch in 2011 - Part 2

3. Mirabela Nickel Ltd. (TSX:MNB) By the end of 2008 Nickel prices had fallen by 80% from their May 2007 high of just over (US) $52,000 per tonne. In the first half of 2009, in the midst of the economic crisis, around a quarter of all nickel production from 2008 was suspended. Major producers such as... Read more »

10 Base Metal Stocks to Watch in 2011 - Part 3

Iron is the most commonly used of all metals and accounts for the majority (est. 95%) of the world's total annual metal production. China continues to be the main importer of the mineral and driver of global demand. China's daily crude steel output... Read more »

10 Base Metal Stocks to Watch in 2011 - Part 4

8. Invernia Inc. (TSX:IVW) April showers do not always bring May flowers. On April 5th, 2011 Ivernia’s shares were halted and the company announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Magellan Metals, discovered mud on the bottom of... Read more »

Quadra FNX celebrates a Sudbury Tuesday Night

In the mining circles of Sudbury, Ontario it takes a lot to raise an eyebrow. The resource business has been ingrained in the town for a long time. Long enough, in fact, that Sudbury's founding dovetails with the very creation of the country. During construction of the the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1883, blasting... Read more »

Peru election concerns affect miners

Ollanta Humala is not a name that many outside of South America are familiar with. In 2006, however, the Peruvian Nationalist actually won the first round in Peru's 2006 presidential vote. Although Hugo Chavez openly backed him Humala was, ultimately, defeated in a runoff 53 per cent to 47... Read more »

Is the price of cocoa a barometer of mining risk in the Ivory Coast?

In what has become a near daily occurrence, civil unrest erupted in another developing African nation today. The Ivory Coast is in the news once again. On Saturday, the Red Cross said that at least 800 civilians were... Read more »

Equinox Minerals launches hostile bid for Lundin Mining

Today, after twenty-four hours of speculation, Equinox Minerals  launched a hostile bid for Lundin Mining. The move temporarily leaves Symterra blowing in the wind. What is Symterra you ask? That is the proposed name of a new entity resulting from the friendly merger of Lundin Mining and Inmet Mining... Read more »

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